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Apps, YouTube channels, Podcast …: our selection for playing sports at home during confinement – LCI


EFFORTS – (almost) Going out, rooms closed: fitness and running enthusiasts are biting their brakes with the containment measures taken by the government. Between the lack and the fear of gaining pounds, it is necessary to find a way not to lose its good habits or perhaps to take new ones. LCI offers you its selection of apps and websites to find your perfect virtual coach without leaving the house.

With the two weeks of confinement to overcome, and perhaps even more, how are we going to talk physically? Of course, you can run around your block while running, without forgetting to go out with the appropriate certificate. But this will surely not satiate sports enthusiasts, soccer players, frequent swimmers, etc.

Fortunately, in the age of technology, there are multiple solutions at home not to waste away, to maintain and fight against snacking. And for the less motivated usually, a good opportunity to get started. Here’s a selection of apps, YouTube channels, or podcasts to get there.

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YouTube channels

to make like on TV!

The self-proclaimed largest gym in the world, the eponymous YouTube channel focuses on smile, rhythm and music. Each video of approximately 26 minutes is made up of three parts: warm-up, exercise according to the part you want to work on, stretching. It is possible to choose a theme by video (thighs, glutes, abdominals, back, position …), an activity (yoga, dance, Pilate, cardio, burn fat, muscle strengthening …). You follow the coaches on the screen to do your exercises.

for those who want to see where it hurts

Strengthen your abs, sculpt them, do a complete leg-abs-gluteal training, opt for short exercises, with or without equipment available. There is something for everyone and all possibilities on this channel dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. We like that the exercises are modeled. We are better aware of the parts of the body that are worked, the gestures to be made and the mistakes to avoid. You can adjust each exercise to your level of difficulty. Although not updated for some time, the channel is full of excellent videos classified by theme and by length of session.

Mobile apps

7 Minutes Workout: for those on the go

Very popular application, it will help those who want to get back into sport gently. And for this, seven minutes of effort is enough daily (excluding warm-up and stretching at the end!), Without the need for equipment. Each exercise lasts about 30 seconds and is followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Explanatory videos detail each movement, a voice then accompanies you. In total, 12 exercises and twenty variations (crunch abs, lunges, pumps, chairs, etc.). It’s short but intensive! The app has a calendar to help you be organized and above all diligent. To have a more advanced and individualized program, you will have to go through the premium offer.

Price: free, 1.99 euros for the personalized training plan – Available on iOS and Android

for sports videoconferences with your friends

Video conferencing isn’t just for catching up on late meetings. Even if you can’t join your friends at the gym, you can now play sports with them from home. The app offers different training programs, yoga or dance lessons, depending on your level. You set a day and a schedule, then invite your friends to join you (up to 7 people). Via your respective cameras, you can motivate yourself and do the exercises together. And see you in turn on other people’s phones. Each video primarily represents a coach performing the exercise you need to perform.

Price: 4.49 euros per month during confinement (1 week free trial) – Available on iOS – More info on the site www.fitandview.com

port, food, healthy lifestyle … for those who want a complete program

More than just a fitness app, BeStrong is a personal trainer. There are obviously multiple varied sports programs available, with a stopwatch available to do them on time. A video explains the exercise to be performed with a detailed and simple description. The sequences adapt to the material you have, the time you have available and different personal criteria (age, form, etc.). You can take photos of yourself to track your body shape. Your personalized program is then defined.

The advantage of the app is its nutritional support with healthy recipes offered, and advice for your daily life (health, healthy lifestyle …).

Price: from 7.49 euros / month, 10 days free trial – Available on iOS and Android – More info on www.bestrong-app.com


to play sports without a screen

Each morning, a podcast and an exercise to be carried out around a theme: eliminating horse breeches, toning his arms, drawing his waist or even firming his chest. In eight minutes, Emilie Cailleau, fitness coach and journalist, offers you simple and effective exercises. And you don’t need to have the equipment to do it. You listen to the valuable advice and do it at your own pace.

Available on multiple podcast platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Google, Majelan, podtail, Castbox, etc.) and even in skill for devices embedding the Amazon Alexa assistant.

Video game

: For family sports

And if you did sports as a family! The new Nintendo game allows you to use the roll bar provided to train in a completely fun way, as if you were immersed in a role-playing game. It is possible to compete throughout the sixty exercises offered, competitive mini-games and even to design your own training program. To play several faces of the screen. (Available exclusively on Nintendo Switch).

Price: 70 euros the game + the hoop

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