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Best video games for playing sports at home – Sport.fr – Sport.fr

No, confinement is not a good reason to stop sport altogether! After the tips for making cardio at home, the best apps to train at home, we’ve got the best video games to get you moving while having fun.

Beat Saber

This virtual reality video game released will allow you to spend yourself having to keep up. The goal is to follow the beats of a music, represented by cubes, which you have to break using your hands.

Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing is a video game available on Nintendo Switch that will allow you to reproduce fitness boxing sports in your living room! Guaranteed perspiration.

Ring fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure will make you work on the cardio, arms, legs, and especially the abs thanks to the laughter provoked.

Just dance

And to decompress, what could be better than a little dance? Just Dance has offered to wiggle around for the best songs of the year for years. Are you ready?


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