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Sport at home: we tested 5 applications to keep fit – lemon squeezer

If the government still allows  » brief trips, close to home, linked to individual physical activity « If you have completed your exit certificate, your way of playing sports may be called into question by the general confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Staying at home, however, does not mean that you must remain inactive – even if you telecommute from your living room or bedroom. Playing sports from home can be a good opportunity to cut between professional and personal time while maintaining good mental health. In which case you can follow a physical activity in the morning before going to your computer, in the evening after leaving it or between noon and two.

If you are not used to training in this context and you do not necessarily have sports equipment, we have prepared a list of five sports applications with which you can exercise.

All the sports apps listed are available on iOS and Android. The majority of them are free, but offer in-app purchases to access more features. If you are interested, we advise you to test the free versions and then turn to the one that you like the most.

Here is our non-exhaustive selection, do not hesitate to add your suggestions in the comments.

What applications for sports at home?

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is certainly one of the most popular sports apps, certainly because it belongs to the brand of the same name. It has the merit of being fairly complete and personalized. During the first connection, you must create an account and fill in basic information such as your gender, height and weight.

The application consists of several features grouped in a menu that appears at the bottom of the screen: News, Activity (history and performance), Training and Shop.

Nike Training Club shop

Nike store

The category Training is of course the most interesting of the sports app, because this is where you will find the precious exercises. Once you’ve entered your level, the Nike Training Club app offers workouts tailored to what you’re looking for. Each time, the activity, time and level are entered.

Nike Training Club workouts

The list of training

Then, you have the detail of the movements as well as the duration of each one and the video showing you its execution. Before starting the session, you must download it then click on  » To start « 

Nike Training Club workouts

The launch of a training

In the subcategory Browse, you can choose a muscle group, a type of training or even select the equipment you have.

The other great feature is about creating more specific programs based on your goals. So you can for example choose the six-week program  » To refine »Then enter your equipment, your training numbers per week, whether or not to include running and the difficulty of the program.

Nike Training Club program

The criteria for selecting a program

Rewards side (in the category Activity), Nike Traning Club offers you to complete victory badges during each stage completed. In bulk, you will be entitled to be honored with the price of early bird, yogi or even night owl. The steps based on your number of training sessions are also provided, as are the number of training sessions per week and the number of sets (two weeks of training in a row, one month in a row, etc.). In the News Feed category, you can find articles on recipes, Nike products as well as details on the execution of certain movements.

Nike Training Club newsfeed

The newsfeed

Manually, you also have the possibility of entering an activity as well as its type and duration. To do this, just click on the + sign once you are in the category Activity.

Nike Training Club manual activity

Adding a sport activity manually

On the social side, you can invite friends to join the Nike Training Club app. However, the option is not really highlighted.

On the advantage side, we note the possibility of choosing your own music during a session through Apple Music (on iPhone).

In short : The Nike Training Club sports app is completely free, easy to use, and offers specific programs for over 100 specific workouts. It is quite comprehensive and also includes advice from athletes who can be effective in the event of a loss of motivation. However, she is not very focused on nutrition except for a few recipes in the newsfeed.


Also popular, Freeletics offers several features offered by Nike Training Club. In the menu at the bottom of the screen, we will find the categories Flux, To explore, Coach, Profile and Notifications. The first category is similar to Nike’s news feed, except that it gives you the option to share a photo and text and then cross-post your message on Instagram.

freeletics flux

The flow

On the training side, you have the possibility of accessing all the movements directly via the Individual exercises. As with Nike, a short video allows you to see the details of the movement in order to avoid injuries. There is also a list of training locations near you as well as distance-based routes that you have entered.

For free training, there are about twenty available for free. You have the possibility to choose the duration and the level.

Freeletics workouts


The most interesting functionality remains chargeable, however. To benefit from personalized training, Freeletics requires a subscription of 2.30 euros per week or 59.99 euros for six months. Your programs are accessible via the category Coach and paying provides full access to all training routes.

Freeletics coach

The Coach category

Freeletics has a category entirely dedicated to mental counseling (concentration, sleep, etc.) in the form of an audio session, but these are only available in English at the moment.

Like Nike Training Club, Freeletics offers to invite friends to the app.

In short : The Freeletics sports app is comprehensive, but it doesn’t have the advantage of being free like Nike’s. However, it can be combined with the Freeletics Nutrition app, which can be useful if you want to combine the two and create your mobile ecosystem dedicated to sports at home.

If you combine subscriptions to the Freeletics Training and Nutrition applications, the price is € 89.99 for six months.


Like the previous applications, Fizzup is designed to allow you to play sports anywhere and anytime, which is good considering the current situation. Initially, you will have to inform your kind and your objective, the frequency with which you make sport as well as the material which you have. You will then need to register for the application and choose whether or not to accept notifications.

Goal Fizzup

Objectives to be defined during registration

Like other sports apps, Fizzup has a menu positioned at the bottom of the screen. In this one, the categories Home, Programs, Menus and Account. In the training programs, you can choose to slim down, sculpt your body, get fit or be an athlete. The training list will be adapted to your choice and some programs are free.

Fizzup programs

Within your profile, you will be able to see the total number of sessions performed and calories burned. You will also find a calendar which groups together the dates of your sessions and their content.

Fizzup profile

Profile category

The Fizzup application exists in a premium version at 49.99 euros every 12 months, a current promotion which represents -50% compared to the usual service. Access to menus and the shopping list is also subject to charges.

Nutrition Fizzup

The Nutrition category

In short : The sports application brings together a good number of functionalities, both in terms of sport and nutrition. However, the majority of these are chargeable. To take full advantage of Fizzup, you must therefore switch to the paid version, which is a bit of a shame.

7 Minutes Workout

7 minutes workout is certainly the most accessible home sports application in this ranking for all those who want a simple, but not very personalized service. On this app, you don’t have to create an account or enter your goals.

The Menu is divided into three categories entitled Training, Personalization and Progress. In the first category, all sessions are divided by the muscle group or the type of training you want. By clicking on a workout, you can see videos and a description of the movement.

7 minutes workout workouts


All the workouts in this home sports app are based on interval training, a very short session alternating between intense effort and recovery phase with a 2 to 1 ratio. Thus, the person works 20 seconds (sometimes 30) and rests for 10 seconds.

Several studies on the subject (HIIT, Tabata …) tend to prove that this type of training increases VO2max, the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can use in a unit of time (in milliliters of oxygen per minute or per kilogram of body weight).

7 minutes workout workout in progress

A training in progress

In the category dedicated to personalization, you can create your own training based on the 9 exercises of your choice – based on the body area to work.

7 minutes workout personalization training

The choices of your exercises

On the progress side, you are entitled, as on Fuzztime, to a display showing the total of your calories burned, the number of exercises and minutes of effort. A calendar is also available, just like your weight – if you enter it.

7 minutes calendar workout

7 minutes weight progress workout

In short : As its name suggests, the application has the advantage of offering quick workouts to those who do not have much time. 7 minutes workout is in English, but since the majority of muscle movements are initially in English, it is not that disturbing. On the negative side, we note the lack of personalization according to your goals and the complete lack of reference to nutrition. Advertising at the start of a workout is required as well as during training, but it is not very invasive. This also allows completely free access.

30 days fitness challenge

If the duration of the total containment is estimated at 15 days at least, this can be the opportunity to start a challenge based on time – and which lasts 30. With this sport application, the goal is clear and based on your priorities (lose weight, tone up…). After having informed the objective, the genre, the areas to work, and the number of sessions per week, you have the choice to take the paid version. This amounts to 63.99 euros per year.

30 days fitness challenge goal

The exercises

On the menu side, we find the categories Programs, 30 challenges, Report and Profile. In the first category, you find your personalized and paying program. It is possible to test the app for free for a few days, but the duration of the trial is not indicated.

30 days fitness challenge program

The program

This is also where we find the fairly nutritional program which is quite comprehensive and detailed, in addition to offering vegetarian options.

30 days fitness challenge nutrition

If you don’t want to choose the paid version, you are entitled to 30 challenges based on the area of ​​the body you want to work on as well as your level. On the app, it’s not videos, but animations that show the movements in detail (although the video is available as an option).

30 days fitness challenge exercise

As with many sports apps, this brings together basic information in the form of a calendar, calories burned and workouts completed.

30 days fitness challenge report

The profile

In short : This sports application has the merit of being aptly named, so that you will have the possibility of setting yourself a clear goal as soon as it is launched. Once again, 30 day fitness challenge is free, but has a premium version. The other advantage is that it has a space dedicated to nutrition quite complete even with the free version. Otherwise, the free version launches fairly invasive advertising videos.


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