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exercises you can do at home without any equipment

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Playing sports at home: how to make your life move in a confined space? – France Inter

While fitness rooms and sports clubs are closed and containment limits entertainment, you can continue to practice physical and dynamic activities at home. Here are some tips to keep you in shape alone, as a couple, as a family with children.

Playing sports at home: how to move your life from confinement?
Playing sports at home: how to move your life from confinement? © Getty / Westend61

Many athletes are forced to adapt their practice since the limitation of travel to fight the spread of Covid-19. All you have to do is become your own sports coach and organize a personalized activity program so that you can simply let off steam in your garden and inside your home:

Basic advice to follow

The Department of Sports says that minimal physical or dynamic activity is highly recommended, giving several tips for staying in shape while staying indoors. This activity time extends to 1 hour per day for children and adolescents, and to 30 minutes per day for adults. In addition, it is also recommended to carry out various activities several times a week which strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and balance.

Here are some simple reflexes to adopt during this particular period:

  • do a few minutes of walking and stretching at least every 2 hours spent in a sitting or lying position. The ideal being to get up every hour and stretch your legs,
  • watch television standing,
  • replace an hour of sitting time spent by one hour of physical activity, whether low intensity or not),
  • do household chores, it consumes a lot of energy and can be intensive if you put more energy into it than usual,
  • do some activities that promote balance when you brush your teeth for example, you can try to do it on one leg,
  • if you have a garden, gardening can quickly become physical, the unconsciously repeated flexes make you do a significant amount of squats,
  • if you also have it, use your stairs : going up and down several times a day won’t hurt you! (at your own pace, of course)

Fans of fitness clubs also had to change their habits. Many athletes, « influencers » and sports coaches make videos in which they normally offer you exercise programs to do at home and sometimes without equipment. It can be general physical exercises whose goal is to work the whole body (total body) in one session or a program focused on a part of your body (your abs, your glutes, your thighs, your back, your shoulders…)

In this period of confinement, many have adapted their advice to show you that it is quite possible to continue training at home and with the means available, starting with … your body weight! Yes and that is more than enough, you will see!

They guide you to optimize your muscle building thanks to exercises simple of which there are a large number of variations of movements to do according to the level of each:

  • stretching exercises (at the beginning and at the end of the session),
  • cladding exercises for the abs,
  • shoes (can be done on the knees): they apply to the entire upper body (pectorals, shoulders, back, abs),
  • inflections then squats for the legs,
  • stall (and no puns …) or cardiovascular exercises : heels buttocks, knee-high, burpees, jumping jack, mountain climbers, skipped squats …)

To recite nobody else but them, of course. Sport is also about physical creativity and that is why it is possible to vary the difficulty of your exercises according to the rest time imposed between each repetition and the intensity of the movements performed; it is possible to use furniture in your living room if it is a minimum solid (chairs, sofa, table, bed …).

On his Instagram account, French boxer Sarah Ourahmoune who was Olympic vice-champion at the Rio 2016 Games, and world champion in 2008, offers you programs to carry out at home and which repeat all of these exercises. The Ministry of Sports recommends the advice of the champion because they have the advantage of being aimed at all seniors and at all levels (beginners, initiates, confirmed).

She has published several since the start of confinement which can be of great help to you, repeating exercises and movements that we mentioned above:

Playing sports with your children

Sport can also be a great way to reconcile your family life and the desire to set a sports program. As much to share with the whole family to the extent that physical activities will allow all the siblings to share a pleasant, funny and all the more fun for the children!

Parents can then turn into sports teachers and, while applying a certain number of physical movements selected in the personalized programs, integrate games! This makes it possible to provide a physical education for his children while mixing fun and entertainment.

Boxer Sarah Ourahmoune also offers programs combining sports and games as here with what she calls « beret sheathing » where it is a matter of choosing a small object to put between the two people in order to recover it as quickly as possible; « the cat-socks » where you have to slide a sock in your pants at your ankle and the first who takes the sock of his opponent wins; stone / sheet / scissor cladding without counting all those that will be the fruit of your imagination.

These apps that coach you remotely

Here are some applications offering distance training programs, and which are in partnership with the Ministry of Sports:

They have already been agreed with many sports federations as well as with the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, to offer you free series of exercises designed by professionals in sport, health and adapted physical activity.

You will find various training sessions based on muscle building exercises, including all essential movements.

« The 10 minutes of the people »: jump, move and dance all together

In « Grand Bien Vous Fasse », Ali Rebeihi spoke of one of these facebook groups that are currently organizing to try to bring together a maximum of people confined to a distance but who can make them get closer through music! The goal is to make as many people sing and dance at the same time during confinement:

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This group already gathers more than 500,000 members in just a few days after its creation. The principle is simple: at 7:30 p.m. every day, the French all dance to the same music at the same time for ten minutes.

On this group, all day long, a survey is organized to choose which will be the next music broadcast simultaneously. Members of this group are invited to film themselves dancing and singing from their balcony, their kitchen, their living room, their garden, wherever they are. This allows everyone to move at their own pace to break the routine of this period of confinement.

There are of course a multitude of facebook groups coupled with youtube channels, like Keep Cool which offers sports videos, or like Body Woogie, a facebook account which offers an alternative to zumba and fitness.

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