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fitness equipment for home use
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Fitness: the 5 sports accessories to have at home – GQ Magazine

Missing your gym? Reproduce it at home with these easy-to-store sports accessories which for some will be as many decorative elements. This time, you have no more excuses…

1) The jump rope

Man from the waist down jumping rope

© Blend Images / John Fedele

Why ? Because it is the essential accessory, the one to keep if you had to choose only one. Jumping rope is the most complete physical exercise that exists, making it possible to simultaneously do cardio (thus to burn rind) and full muscle strengthening; thighs and calves working in concert with the upper body (sheathing of the abdominal strap, muscles of the arms and shoulders). This coordination exercise also stimulates the neurons, improving our everyday concentration skills. The list of benefits of this schoolyard game is therefore very long: gain in endurance, tone and power, weight loss, muscle building and ciboulot. All good!

How? ‘Or’ What ? Attention, spoiler: you will not jump, light, fluid and airy like Mohamed Ali, at the first attempt. If the gesture seems so simple when we see in particular the boxers at work, finding the right pace, the right sequence and not getting caught in the rope every 5 to 10 jumps takes a little time. But it will come. The main thing is to turn the rope. And jump. Minimum 15 minutes per day (breaks not included)

What? The Tang Rope Smart Rope jump rope, equipped with magnetic sensors that count each jump and 23 LEDs that allow you to display the number in front of you. € 89.95

2) Dumbbells

Funny weak man tries to lift a weight – dumbbells his biceps – muscle, isoalted on gray white.

© Alen-D

Why ? Quite simply to intensify the exercises of your daily “morning routine” and speed up muscle building. It’s harder, sure, but it’s devilishly effective.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By adding them to your basic cardio exercises (jumping jack, knee lift, heel-buttocks etc …) or during a shadow boxing session.

What? Athlitech 2.5 kg dumbbells (available at Go Sport) – € 15.99

3) The home trainer

Why ? To pedal without moving from home, constrained by the weather or a pandemic, to warm up before a run or a full-bodied training session but also to recover afterwards, gradually lower the heart rate and accompany the “return to calm” ”Progressive in order to cool the machine before spinning in the shower – it is indeed not recommended to stop intensive physical activity.

How? ‘Or’ What ? There are two meanings of the word home trainer: if for many it is the classic exercise bike (below) that is found in all gyms – and which we follow stupid and nasty programs integrated training -; bicycle experts are thinking more about this base and this device (above) allowing you to place your racing bike used outdoor. A method revolutionized in recent months by the Zwift application, a virtual and multiplayer training program allowing to walk your avatar on virtual roads, to participate in races and to interact with other cycling fans from around the world.

What? Technogym indoor bike (Bike Personal model) – € 8,750

4) The punching bag

Middle Aged Redhead Handsome Boxer Fighter training with Heavy bag in Gym Setting

© Lorado

Why ? As effective as they are, training exercises can in the long run seem boring and boring, what is more, lazy days. To vary the pleasures and spend yourself otherwise, the punching bag is an excellent palliative, allowing a good cardio effort, a full bodybuilding session and getting into the skin of a boxer ready to do battle.

How? ‘Or’ What ? As in a ring, make rounds of 3 minutes, interspersed with a minute break. Here is the program.

Round 1. Warm-up. Push the bag and turn around while hopping slightly, approach it, move away from it, avoid it as if it were an opponent, without hitting. –

Round 2. First « jabs ». While turning around the bag, send direct from left and right alternately, in single or double strokes, without banging like a mule.

Round 3. Two stroke combinations. Perform sets of two shots of your choice (direct, hook, uppercut), interspersed with one or two seconds of pause time.

Round 4 – Combinations of three shots, to be executed without force but with speed, at the same rate as in the previous round.

Round 5 – Same as in Round 2, but the strike time this time lasts 10 to 15 seconds, followed by the same rest time during which you still continue to hop on the spot.

Round 6. Freestyle. Chain of strokes at will, varying powerful and lighter strokes.

Round 7. Repeat round 4.

Round 8. Repeat round 5

Round 9. Repeat round 6.

Round 10. Combat. Imagine an opponent and give everything you have in your stomach and in your arms. Punctuate this round with a few feints and avoidances, assuming that your virtual rival is also trying to touch you.

What? Leone 1947 punching bag (30 kg) – € 242.90

5) The Swiss ball

one caucasian man exercising fitness exercises isolated on white background


Why ? Invented for medical and rehabilitative purposes in the 1960s, this large flexible ball used by sports coaches but also physiotherapists makes the body suffer as much as it relieves it. On the stack side, we use it as a support for traditional sheathing exercises (abs, pumps, board) with the obligation to keep in balance which requires even more muscles, especially the transverse, this deep muscle that keeps the stomach flat – on condition of using it regularly obviously.

How? ‘Or’ What ? To start, three very simple exercises to follow. First, the board (3 min). Then, abs (3 min), back to the floor and legs resting on the ball. Finally, the “rocking”: lying on the ground, legs bent and arms stretched over the head, swiss-ball wedged between the ankles. With the legs, raise the ball that you recover with your hands then return to the initial position (with the ball at arm’s length this time, suddenly). Have this balloon run for 3 minutes. The swiss-ball can also serve as a chair for your meals or as an office chair: it improves posture and allows you to build muscle without forcing.

What? Swiss ball Fitness Mad 75 cm – € 18.50

Without forgetting… “the bar to do”!

Why ? Because « with a single device, multi-function at your multiple service (…) More efficient, more insightful »

How? ‘Or’ What ? Like Jamel Debbouze aka Chen Norris and Gad Elmaleh, aka Katia-de-la-place-Clichy.

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