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muscle gain workout plan at home

muscle gain workout plan at home
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Sport at home: 5 simple weight training exercises to do at home during your forties – FemininBio

Since Monday flourish on the networks of sports sessions led by coaches. A real good idea, but also something to feel guilty about when you are not used to having to do weight training or muscle building. The following exercises are practiced in the positions of your usual activities: tooth brushing, dinner etc. Good practice!

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Exercise 1

While seated

1. Sit on your bed, legs outstretched, grow your back vertically, hands on your thighs, without contracting your upper back, and try to stretch your legs well.

2. Lean your back forward while keeping it stretched, legs still stretched, hands resting on your thighs, and make small swings from the bust sloping towards the legs while exhaling.

3. Round your back towards the legs, still tight, without clenching your back, heavy head, and make small swings from the bust towards the legs while exhaling.

Veronique’s little extra: How to sit well? You should not be sitting on the soft buttocks with the lower back rounded, but on the bones of the lower pelvis, the ischios, with the lower back already stretched up. Roll from one hamstring to the other and feel your bones! You are perfectly seated!

Exercise 2

A little bodybuilding for the glutes

1. Lying on your back, legs stretched, contract your buttocks as much as possible and lift your pelvis, then as if you were dancing, lift each hip alternately upwards.

2. Still on the back, but legs bent with a slight deviation of the feet and knees, raise the pelvis very high and resume your dance with one hip one after the other directed upwards!

Veronique’s little extra: With knees and feet tight, what a challenge to start the day! The belly is of course flattened … This small tightening movement of the buttocks can also be done discreetly standing, at any time of the day, like a game of ping-pong between the right buttock and the left buttock!

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Exercise 3

Teeth brushing

Take advantage of the teeth brushing ritual to stretch, build your thighs, in short invent your new beauty and fitness ritual! A good brushing should last 2 minutes, this will make you exercise 28 minutes per week. Facing the mirror, ready? Go!

In static position:

1. A first “calm” but very effective exercise for the thighs: stick your back to the wall, flat stomach and legs bent with the feet away from the wall so that the thighs are perpendicular to the legs. Stay in this position while brushing …

2. Brush your teeth in balance on one leg, knee lifted in front or leg stretched out high back.

3. Very stupid: legs glued in rotation outwards, toes turned outwards, crush the inside of your legs, glutes very contracted. And don’t stop growing!

Exercise 4

You are getting dressed

Take a little more time when getting dressed, this will be an opportunity to work on the sheathing!

1. When putting on socks, tights, shoes or pants, work on your balance by contracting the supporting leg.

2. On a bent leg, thigh and gluteus contracted, remember to raise your foot or leg towards you, and not to lower your back towards the ground.

Veronique’s little extra: How to bend over to pick up an object? Either squat down or lean forward, with a generous tilt of the pelvis forward, tailbone in the air, back stretched and stomach pressed down. You can do it with the legs bent to work the thighs or stretched to soften the back of the legs. For all those who suffer from the back or who do not know how to place it, bend the legs or squat, it is certain to be able to get up next!

Exercise 5

Sitting at the table

It’s a moment of pleasure, of sharing, but where your body must not be forgotten!

1. You know how to sit on the bones of the lower pelvis, your ischia, your back is stretched, your stomach is flat, your shoulders are low and your head is in the middle of your shoulders, chin at right angles. You are elegant!

2. If, in the codes of good manners, it is the food which must come to your mouth and not the contrary, it will be more elegant to lean in inclined plane forward, the head in the extension of the back to avoid stain your clothes, than dive towards the plate, round back!

Veronique’s little extra: In posture, as long as good habits are not automatic, it is important to keep control of your body. It is at this price that it will become natural for you as it is for me. Paul Valéry wrote: « Naturalness can be worked on », then go to work!

Our expert

Véronique Schapiro-Chatenay, Dance and support teacher for almost 30 years, wrote Micro-gym published by Larousse editions.


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