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best free home fitness app
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Coronavirus in Lyon: playing sports at home (video, day 6) – LyonCapitale.fr

In this period of confinement, lyoncapitale.fr offers you every day to keep in shape in the company of David, Sélim, Paul or Morgane, Lyons sports coaches. Some exercises to do at home alone or with family.

Morgane sports coach at Urban Tonic (Lyon 2e), offers you a good start to the week with some physical exercises: knee + 10×5 squat jump then 30 seconds of rest, raised jumping lunges (8 + 8) x4 then 45 seconds of rest, 10X5 burpees then 30 seconds of rest (optional pumps) , tabata: bicycle elbow opposite knee 20 seconds / 10 seconds cladding buttock support X8. It’s your turn !


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