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Coronavirus: « Sport at home must remain a pleasure » – Le Parisien

In the suburbs of Lyon, Jordan Simon-Chopard refrains from running to respect the confinement instructions. So, like many, he converted to sports at home.

Without going out, how do you go about doing sports?

JORDAN SIMON-CHOPARD. It’s easy, even in a very small space. There is no need for any material or specialized application even if it can encourage us. If you have a rope, jump! Stairs? Lower them, mount them. Do you want to lift weights? Fill a bottle of water to make a dumbbell. Otherwise, some abs, pumps, sheathing. There is no need for space or materials for this.

Do you have to do it every day?

Me, I do not impose myself and I do not feel guilty if I stay a day without doing it. This should not be a constraint. I don’t play sports according to a schedule, from such hour to such hour. I do it according to my desire or need of the moment. Above all, it must be a pleasure, provided you do not swallow a packet of chips instead of activity.

How long do you do it per day?

Experts recommend half an hour of physical activity per day for an adult. Sounds good to me. It is not necessarily half an hour chained: it can be 5-10 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes later and another 5-10 minutes in the evening, at your own pace, depending on your physical condition and your mood.

No need for equipment: a simple mat is enough to practice at home. DR
No need for equipment: a simple mat is enough to practice at home. DR

If you have 5 minutes to spare between two telecommuting meetings, what do you recommend to do?

Jump rope if you have one. It’s very simple, inexpensive, very practical and excellent for cardio. Just be careful to respect your neighbors if you are in an apartment. Otherwise, a few abs is fine, and, in the worst case, just getting up and pacing around your house is already essential exercise.

Why be forced into sport?

To keep in shape, to pass the time because many people will end up being bored. It is also a good way – perhaps the best – to decompress, to wash your head in these difficult times.


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