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Sports at home: 15 tips for playing sports (without equipment) at home – Top Santé

Here are the top tips for doing sports at home without equipment and without pressure. And because physical activity must remain a pleasure, Top Santé offers advice for moderate activity, for all.

During confinement, playing sports outdoors is limited to walking or jogging but respecting 3 important rules : stay close to your home (less than 1 km), that the trip is brief (1 hour) and without any contact with friends or relatives (only with someone in your household). This is the only way to limit the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). But moving is necessary to maintain good health. WHO recommends 30 minutes minimum per day for adults and one hour for children.

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The first solution is to move at home. It is possible, even without equipment. Applications and federations offer simple exercises and tutorials. Besides, top athletes also train at home! Some even post videos of their workouts online.

The second is to go out for a brief physical activity near your home, with your certificate and without contact with other people. Avoid meeting people outside your home. If you have a garden, you can organize games with the people in your household.

Adapt your practice to your age and your physical condition. Yes you are feverish, avoid any physical activity, similarly if you have a frailty linked to a pathology. Remember again that playing sports does not help fight infectionsis a misconception. On the contrary: playing sports when you are sick and feverish can worsen your health. « The risk is that the coronavirus will attack the heart muscle, causing an inflammation called myocarditis with a risk of rhythm disturbance and sudden death in particular on exertion », explains to Figaro Santé, Professor Hervé Douard, head of the coronary diseases, stress tests and rehabilitation department, at the Bordeaux University Hospital.

Source : Ministry of Sports

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