men’s health best home gym equipment

men’s health best home gym equipment

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Exercises to do cardio at home (and without equipment) – –

Confinement requires, you have to redouble your imagination to continue working your muscles and cardio, without jogging or going to the gym. Women Sports has listed for you some exercises to do without equipment that will certainly make you sweat and accelerate your heart rate (well, say like that, it does not necessarily make you want … But believe us, it is essential not to lose good habits!)


We attack hard … Very strong! Burpees are a staple of our routine « home sport« . This movement is carried out in four stages.

Explanations – When standing, squat by adopting the technique of  » squat« , your hands on the floor. Extend your legs backwards, to come into position « board« , while keeping your arms straight. Immediately return to the squatting position then jump as high as possible. The goal is to chain the Burpees as quickly as possible and do as many as possible in one minute.

Benefits – It certainly doesn’t look like much, but believe us that after a few Burpees only, you will feel the effectiveness of the movement. The Burpees, in addition to working the cardio, will exercise most of the muscle groups, thanks to the different positions requested.

Shutterstock – By Dmytro Bochkov

Jump squats

How about pushing the “basic” exercise, which everyone knows: squats? Very effective for building legs and glutes, it can quickly be transformed into an ideal cardio workout.

Explanations – The practice of jump squats is very simple, even more than that of Burpees. While standing, squat as if you want to sit on an imaginary chair, while keeping your back straight. Once in position, force on your legs to jump as high as possible. Repeat the movement as much as possible in one minute.

Benefits – Cardio is heavily used while the leg and gluteal muscles work efficiently.

Jumping Squats – Photo Shutterstock: solar22

Mountain climber

Mix the benefits of the board with a little cardio? This is the goal of the exercise called « Mountain climber ».

Explanations – In the plank position, face down and arms outstretched, extend your legs backwards and lean on tiptoes. Once installed, bend one leg after the other to bring it towards the chest, while keeping your back straight. Return to the initial position with both legs stretched, then flex the second. The goal is to go as quickly as possible and repeat the movement for one minute.

Benefits – The advantage of the mountain climber is first of all that it makes it possible to work the muscles (and in particular of the abdominals) in depth. Repeated quickly, the movement also allows you to work on the cardio.

Mountain climber – Photo Shutterstock: Inspiring

Knee lift

Simple and effective, the rise of knees is more effective still than the exercise of the heels-buttocks, and especially essential to work your cardio at home.

Explanation – While standing, run on the spot while lifting your knees towards your chest. The goal is to go as fast as possible and hold on for a minute.

Benefits – Perfect for warming up, the knee lifts allow you to work the leg and abdominal muscles while being effective for cardio.

Knee lift – Photo Shutterstock: sunnnnn

Shall we Dance ?

Whether it’s zumba or any other type of dance, your cardio will work. No matter how, the important thing is to spend yourself (and have fun)! For this, nothing very theoretical. If you want something framed: tons of lessons are available on Youtube. If you only want to work the cardio in a good mood, turn on the music and DANCE! 💃 (In addition, it’s good for morale …)

Zumba – Photo Shutterstock: Allies Interactive

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