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Coronavirus | Confined, do you want to move? Here are all our tips for playing sports at home – L’


Confined to the home, many of us want to let off steam. Simple small muscle-building exercises, jogging outdoors (limited to 1 km around your home, for a maximum of one hour) or more intensive sessions at home, « you have to be very vigilant », Vincent Matin immediately underlines. , coach and responsible for sports expertise in Neoness sports clubs. « Many of us have the coronavirus without knowing it, without developing the symptoms, » he recalls. « If you do a high intensity activity and you carry the virus, you may have a spike in fever and ultimately promote inflammation and trigger more severe symptoms, » he warns. His advice: do not hesitate to take your temperature before your activity and a good half hour after exercise.


« It is necessary to warm up the body and work gradually, » warns Vincent Martin who stresses that the confinement has blocked confirmed athletes but that he has launched many people who discover the sport and who can therefore more easily injure themselves. « No matter how many repetitions of the exercises at the start. You have to start crescendo ».

The exercises

« You have to work on muscle building exercises and cardio exercises, » says Vincent Martin.

For muscle building exercises, « we will target the areas that weaken most quickly, that is to say the back and the center of the body ». For this, the cladding with the traditional board (on tiptoe for confirmed, on knees for beginners) maintaining the position 10 to 15 seconds and repeating it is « a complete exercise, essential and to do every day ». The sheathing allows « to maintain our viscera and our spine » underlines the coach. There is also the side board for a good sheathing job. For a more dynamic exercise, he recommends climber’s exercise or « mountain climber ». Other movement: the bridge. We are on the back, legs bent, we push on the heels to lift the pelvis, without arching the back, the arms are pressed to the ground. In the raised pelvis position, you stretch your legs one after the other very gently in front of you, aligning your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders.

Abdominal crunches are to be avoided « because they are often very poorly executed and can push the viscera forward ». « To have very visible abs, it is better to favor practices like Pilates and yoga which strengthen the deep muscles rather than the thighs-abs-glutes. « 

Here is a short extract from a yoga class in Neoness that you can find live every day on Instagram

For the lower body, Vincent Martin advises a few sets of squats by not hesitating, if we have the capacity, to descend a little lower than the knees and taking care to have the knees in the axis of the toes outwards. « There is less tension on the joints. » If we do half-squats, « then it’s better to do them at body weight, » warns the coach.

Lto chair is a good exercise where you can challenge yourself in family with the one who stays in position the longest. « We can also perform slots, always making sure to throw our leg behind and not in front for more stability. « 

For the upper body, Vincent Martin, advises to work with an elastic band. This helps strengthen the back, shoulders, biceps. We can also encourage the pumps on the knees or on tiptoes. It’s a full upper body exercise.

For cardio-based exercises, Vincent Martin recommends jumping jacks, knee lifts and butt heels. But also, quite simply, stairs to climb by walking running in his building and playing with your children if you have a garden.

Sites and apps that can help you

– « Goove app » (Ministry of Sports website): physical activity sessions suitable for all ages and all levels.

– « FizzUp » (application to download from Apple Store or Google Play): personalized sports program without equipment.

– « Adidas Training by Runtastic » and « Nike Training Club » (applications to download from Apple Store or Google Play): short and varied workouts to do at home and adapted to all levels with explanatory videos.

A game of goose sport version!

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The « lives » of coaches on social networks

You can follow live fitness classes with professional coaches for free every day on Facebook and Instagram.

The courses with « Neoness », « CMG Sports Clubs » and « Wellness Sports Club France » are among others guarantees of quality.

– Neoness offers daily live lessons on Instagram with its ConFITment program.

– CMG Sports Club and Wellness Sports Club France also offer daily live lessons on Facebook.

– You can also follow the small daily fitness exercises on the Facebook page of France tv sport « Confi’Sport ».

– Another recommendation: the Instagram account of boxing champion Sarah Ourahmoune who offers many exercises to stay in shape at home.

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