muscle gain workout plan at home

muscle gain workout plan at home

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Coronavirus: Youtube, applications, private platforms… the miraculous figures of sport at home – Franceinfo

Take advantage of confinement to launch a Youtubeur career? « Almost impossible «  according to Vincent Manilève, author of the book YouTube behind the screens: its artists, its heroes, its crooks, « today, launching your channel and gaining popularity quickly is a real fantasy.  » However, since the start of exit restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, home sports channels have flourished on Google’s video platform. Boredom, greed or simple surge of solidarity, the reasons are numerous. Almost as much as the demand of the French, who want to take advantage of this blocked time at home to talk physically and whose searches on Youtube containing the keywords « gym class » or « bodybuilding training » have literally exploded since the announcement of the President of the Republic, Monday March 16.

Coronavirus: Youtube, applications, private platforms… the miraculous figures of sport at home
© Google Trend

« Worldwide, the number of videos uploaded to Youtube with » Exercise at home « in the title has increased by 55% compared to the daily average », confirms Charles Savreux, the communication manager of Google and Youtube. So if supply and demand explode so much, why is it impossible to make money?

Just because « Youtube’s compensation system is very complicated and time-consuming to set up », Explain Vincent Manilève. This journalist who made this subject his specialty tells behind the scenes of monetization on Youtube: « The basic way to access it is that once a youtuber starts having many subscribers and hours of video viewed, he can ask to activate ads before, during or after his videos. But they don’t bring in much money. -things unless you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It is very difficult to give a price according to the views, especially since it is fluctuating: in December, when the Christmas period is approaching, brands pay much more advertising than in summer « . According to an estimate dating from 2017, a Youtuber whose videos are monetized would earn between 80 cents and one euro for every 1000 views. Far from the clichés.

Coronavirus: Youtube, applications, private platforms… the miraculous figures of sport at home
© Tibo inShape’s YouTube channel

« VSWhat really makes money are brand partnerships « , concludes Vincent Manilève. But, very few Youtubers arrive at such a result. When you think of fitness on the internet, a name inevitably resonates: Tibo inShape. Derivatives, real gym, product placements… this 28-year-old videographer with almost 7 million followers made his Youtube account a real business with an ever-growing and loyal community that is a real showcase for brands. . Our confinement baby-youtubers will certainly never reach their level, despite the large audiences that could arise from their new activity.

« A way to thank my members »

Completely opposed to this notion of youtube-business, Cedric Davin, a sports coach by trade, has also set up his video channel to get the French moving. While he « never thought to do it » before the confinement was announced, « Covid19 Training » emerged from the ground in the aftermath of Emmanuel Macron’s speech. The reason ? « Many of my clients work in the hospital sector and wanted to keep spending themselves keeping their habits, it is a way for me to thank them for all the work they will do during this epidemic ».

This manager of a gym in Saint-Raphaël, who adopts an offbeat tone in his videos, quickly got caught up in the Youtubeur game. « Far from comfortable on social media », he has « Watch lots of tutorials to see how it works ». Result? Cedric Davin saw its channel gain 1000 subscribers in 24 hours. « I quickly received a hundred messages a day to encourage me and thank me, it’s super motivating! ». Since then, this father of two posts a video every morning at eight o’clock, asking him « about five hours of daily work, between writing, recording and editing. »

« The town hall contacted me to organize a charity event »

Completely « disinterested in the idea of ​​making money » with his new hobby of confinement, this sports coach swears by only one word: solidarity. Very « pleased to have received feedback from other sports coaches who have returned to training after being laid off », Cedric Davin is glad to have been « contacted by an EPS teacher from the region who passed on the Youtube account to his students so that they could train in a fun way ».

The icing on the cake: after being made aware of the existence of its chain thanks to an article by Var-Matin, the town hall of Saint-Raphaël even contacted him to organize a charity event at the end of confinement in the aim to raise funds for an association helping hospital staff. « It will surely be a giant course whose profits will be donated, I am even thinking of flocking t-shirts with the name of my chain to try to collect more money », rejoices the interested party. A great way to make your containment project a reality « who always winks at the people who help the sick on a daily basis ».

The digital shift in sports halls

Far from the atmosphere of Youtube, physical sports halls have also had to adapt to continue to offer their members, who continue to pay several tens of euros each month, effective and regular sports monitoring. Obliged to close their halls during the entire containment period, the big chains such as Club Med Gym, Forest Hill, Fitness Park, Keep Cool and even Orange Blue, quickly reacted to try to satisfy their customers.

Coronavirus: Youtube, applications, private platforms… the miraculous figures of sport at home
© L’Orange Bleue website.

Thus, in a press release sent to all its members, the company L’Orange Bleue held reassured that subscriptions would not be lost: « During this period, the coaches do not give up and intend to keep you on top of your game! So that you can continue your sporting activity, the Orange Blue group provides you with a digital platform that is specially dedicated to you ». In fact, the service is much less flashy than that offered in physical gyms. No machines, less motivation, no personalized follow-up and video lessons that don’t differ much from what you can find on the internet, even if the price remains the same.

A partnership with the Institut Pasteur

While the management of all the sports hall chains in France came together to try to agree on a common policy, they never succeeded in determining it. Suddenly, the company Keep Cool decided to bet on a completely different strategy than that of L’Orange Bleue in an attempt to satisfy its 375,000 members scattered all over France. On Monday, customers were advised that their April monthly payment would not be charged. Thomas Monnier, Deputy Director of Keep Cool, added « that a solidarity partnership with the Pasteur Institute for members who wish to support the brand on a voluntary basis had been signed, committing 10 euros per subscription for this French foundation ».

In addition to this policy of solidarity towards research, the Covid-19 pandemic has « accelerated the digital shift » Keep Cool, according to its deputy general manager. Their training videos have been posted free and for everyone on Youtube. Sign of a paying strategy, « The number of subscribers to the channel has quadrupled since the start of containment, and that of downloads of our application by ten ».

The smartphone for sport at home

Besides Youtube and sports halls, another everyday object sees its use for making sports skyrocket during this period of confinement: the Smartphone. Sports app downloads from both the Google Play and Apple Store platforms have taken off. A study by App Annie commissioned by Francetvsport has highlighted these figures: application downloads in the « Health and Fitness » category increased by 15% between the week of February 2 and that of March 15, the date of the start of confinement.

Most downloaded applications on Google Play and Apple Store.
Most downloaded applications on Google Play and Apple Store. © AppAnnie

Multinationals are also surfing the wave, such as Adidas, which has used its athletes to boost its downloads, and therefore its revenues, by offering short motivation and training videos made by its stars under contract. World champions Paul Pogba, Benjamain Pavard and Thomas Lemar, or Zinedine Zidane, all played the game of Adidas, to the point of boosting the uses and downloads of the application « by multiplying all numbers by three ». Sport at home, a new business?

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