gym workout equipment list

gym workout equipment list

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Containment: sport to help teach at home – Le Parisien

« Paul Pogba likes to dye his hair ». Affirmative or negative phrase? Or again: « What number between 13, 1950 and 174000, should we place in this sentence: Just Fontaine is the top scorer in a World Cup finals with… goals. These are the exercises offered by the French Football Federation and the Fondaction du football on the Internet for several days.

Since schools are closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, Fondaction provides daily educational content for children aged 10 to 12 (CM2 / 6e) in order to review the different subjects of the school curriculum (French, mathematics, English , History and Geography).

This initiative is part of its Power Foo t school support program, launched in 2016. All of the activities have the ball as their theme. We talk about the stars adored by the youngest: Kylian Mbappé, Paul Pogba or Amandine Henry… Learning while having fun is the goal.

Soccer cards like this can encourage your children to learn while having fun.
Soccer cards like this can encourage your children to learn while having fun.

Because for parents, it’s not easy to improvise as a school teacher or a college professor. Faced with the health crisis around the coronavirus, the French are confined to their homes. However, children still take lessons, provided by their parents. But in a family environment, where distractions are everywhere, getting their attention is not always easy. So, capturing it using the world of sport in exercises becomes frequent.

Other bodies had already set up exercises for teachers, but downloadable in a few clicks on the Internet, with sport as the subject. On its website, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) has a section on « Educational files ».

Inside, dozens of exercises for cycles 1 to 4, i.e. from kindergarten to grade three. All on the theme of the Olympic Games. Thus, the pupils of CP or CE1 can learn English with the colors of the Olympic rings. Bobsleigh serves as math subjects for children in CM1 or CM2. For middle school students, the fight against doping intervenes in science lessons.

Discovering golf

Another federation also offers educational activities. In 2015, the French Golf Federation joined forces with the Department of National Education Services in Yvelines. Together, they have developed an educational project around golf, which has since spread throughout France.

In addition to the initiation to this sport perceived as elitist, they created « My golf notebook » intended for the pupils of CM1 and CM2. The latest shows the 2018 Ryder Cup, organized at the National Golf, and is downloadable.

These pages are filled with multiple exercises around golf. French, English, math, geography or even visual arts… many subjects are present to approach learning in a fun way. The booklet is also full of anecdotes, information on the history and practice of golf.

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