best bodybuilding trainer in the world

best bodybuilding trainer in the world

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Best apps for playing sports at home – –

The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in numerous closings of shops, bars, cinemas … but also gyms. But then, how to continue your sport, at home and effectively? Here are 5 applications perfect for practicing fitness at home, and taking care of yourself anyway!

30 days – Fitness challenge

For the most avid, here is a fitness app that should keep you going. The 30 days – Fitness challenge offers a training program for one month. You choose the program that suits your needs (stay in shape or lose weight for example), and find exercises to do easily at home. The little extra is that the application has a calendar on which you must check the day you do an exercise to force yourself to be assiduous. Competitors at heart should be delighted.

Sworkit Lite

Cardio, strength, yoga or stretching, the Sworkit application is very complete. Choose the part of your body you want to work on, the type of training you want and you’re done! The application offers more than 300 different workouts, with a virtual coach who shows you the exercises so as not to take the risk of injuring yourself, and above all optimize the sessions. But the primary advantage of Sworkit is that it is available to everyone, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Everyone will find his account !


For those in a hurry (or for parents with children at home), this app is just perfect! Seven offers to do exercises every day in 7 minutes. Nothing to get out of breath for hours, far from the usual running, the app shakes up the codes! However, it does allow you to get active, exercise, and even see results. Because there is no point in foolishly playing sports for hours on end for a week and then stopping for two weeks before trying again. The rule is regularity! And this application pushes us to do the minimum possible in often already busy days.


Training at home without any equipment and by downloading only a small application on your smartphone? This is the principle of FizzUp. The application has a free version and a version having 19 euros per month, or 9.99 if you subscribe during the year. But the free version offers full 20-minute sessions that start with warm-ups, until recovery. Like the above applications, FizzUp provides you with a virtual coach to show you how to perform the sessions perfectly, but above all to motivate and support you throughout your journey!

Daily Yoga

Finally for yogists, we recommend “Daily Yoga”. A perfect application for beginners as well as for advanced. In fact, Daily Yoga offers you several kinds of training, whether it be initiation to Yoga, weight loss, improving your skills, or even relieving stress. Once you have determined your goal, the application offers you a training program, according to your level. A complete application which also offers a pro version, paid, at 20.99 euros per month or 3.25 euros / month for a year.

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