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Containment: how to maintain a sporting activity for your children during the « ‘holidays »? – LCI


TIPS – When it is recommended that children play sports 1 hour a week, parents already foresee the worst. However, there are solutions to allow them a time of activity without the house becoming a battlefield or a soccer field. We present some of them to you as the spring holidays begin this weekend.

All together at home, it has virtues for tightening ties, but it can quickly become hell if the child begins to go around in circles. Roxana Maracineanu, the Minister of Sports, recommended at the start of confinement that children and adolescents do at least 1 hour of sports per day (30 minutes for an adult) during the period in order to compensate for the absence of sports sessions. But not everyone has a garden to send them running outside.

If you don’t really want to see them playing ball or rollerblading indoors, you can make them move, in a framed way, without having to jump around the house. You just have to adapt a little to your environment. And even more so during the spring « holidays », which begin this weekend for zone C (academies of Créteil, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse, Versailles), for two weeks. These leaves will be spread out until May 4, the date of resumption for zone A (academies of Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon, Poitiers).

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Coronavirus: how to spend your time well in confinement

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You live in an apartment

If you have young children (2-5 years), motor skills are to be preferred. From 6-7 years old, to help with muscle development, you can focus on coordination and effort exercises.

– For the little ones, you can take them around the house with your chairs (four legs). Lay them out like a path and tell the child to walk the four-legged path. You can add other stable elements that it can overcome. This obstacle course will allow him to work his abs, his motor skills and his back.

– You have two children, put them face to face on their stomachs, a small ball between them. They will have to pass it successively from hand to hand. A fun way to build shoulders and back.

– If you have a balcony or a courtyard, have them play hopscotch. A great classic that works on coordination, balance and dexterity.

– For the older ones, let them dance. Besides having fun in music – but not too loud! -, it mobilizes the whole body.

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How to play sports while being confined?

Professional advice

And if you run out of ideas, we asked Edouard Vacher, founder and sports coach of L’Arène Crossfit Nakama, which welcomes children from 5 years old, to advise us on some exercises to do at home. « The best for the youngest is to combine several types of movements, » he explains. « You can make them do jumps on the spot, animal movements, vestibular movements which will teach them to find their bearings in space, or a little ‘cardio’ as adults do too. Children love it . « 

So you can offer them a circuit of about 8 minutes

– 10 jumps on the spot followed by 8 squats (pretending to sit without a chair and get up), then 6 burpees (a squat followed by a pump and a small jump). To finish their journey, they pass 4 times under a chair.

Edouard Vacher recommends reversing the order on other days, increasing or decreasing the number of repetitions or even increasing the working time to vary the activities.

You have an exterior

If you live in a house, you can already encourage them to go out and / or look up from their tablet, screen, smartphone, while going out for coffee on the balcony or terrace. This will be an opportunity to offer them to stretch, stretch their legs or just indulge in small exercises.

Because having an exterior has undeniable advantages: sunbathing essential for the growth of children and their development thanks to the production of vitamin D, relieve their stress and allow multiple activities.

Here is a list of activities that you can, for example, make available to them:

– Frisbee: this eternal game has multiple virtues. It will work on their agility, their speed and their sense of observation. It is played in any environment, at any age and is easy to transport. And maybe one day you will make them world champions…

– If your terrace fears nothing or any other exterior, draw chalks and give free rein to their inspiration for life-size drawings.

– Garden! Beyond the activity to do as a family, as educational as it is sensory, it is an opportunity to have them manipulated for their greatest happiness. The pleasure of putting your hand in the ground … Sowing, planting, watering, adding fertilizer and above all pulling weeds: it also makes you spend yourself! And if you only have bins on your balcony, use them too.

Ideas online

Yoga classes for children are available free of charge on the Facebook page of the Tigre Yoga club every day at 5 p.m. From 6 years old. Each session lasts 10 to 15 minutes around a theme.

– You can also watch videos from the Vlad Super Dad channel which encourages family activity. The content is educational and fun to encourage children to move.

– The application Bayam, designed by publisher Bayard Presse, offers a wide range of content for children around the most popular heroes, including sports to stretch their legs and play sports. The exercises are to be listened to or explained on video. There are world dances, gym and yoga for children. Much of the content is free. Others are available by subscription.

Bayam – Price: free with in-app purchases – Available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

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