free app with workouts

free app with workouts

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Top 5 apps for doing sport at home – ELLE Belgium

Fancy a bomb body this summer? Forget the gym and we draw the smartphone! Small selection of the best free sports apps.

Discover our five favorite apps for exercising at home!

The most progressive: 8fit

Ultra intuitive, the app does not sting your eyes and that already feels good. Start by establishing your profile by answering a few questions: weight, height, physical level, estimated body fat rate (for that, view photos of girls more or less well rolled and we select the body that is close to ours). Depending on your level, your goal (lose weight for example) and your desire to move, 8fit will prepare a tailor-made program for you. The advantage? These are small videos of real people performing the movements, not drawings, which guide us. The trainings last between 7 and 20 minutes, no excuse!

Available on the AppStore and Google Play.

The most affordable: Fizz Up

Sports anywhere, anytime and without equipment, that’s what Fizzup has to offer! Relatively new, the app offers to become our new sports coach. After a few questions, start training adapted to our level: a warm-up time, short but intense cardio exercises and a recovery time. We like: the speed of the sessions (15 to 20 minutes), the first results promised from 6 weeks and the motivating coaching live. Fizzup is supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and is rare enough to be mentioned!

Available on the AppStore and Google Play.

One song workout

One song workout app
One song workout app

He was awarded the prize for the most original sports app! The principle? The app chooses a song from our iTunes library and offers training to the beat of the music. The exercises are fairly classic: abs, squats, jumping jacks but they change as soon as a new song starts …

Available on the AppStore.

The most versatile: Nike Training Club

Whether for running or for bodybuilding, Nike is a benchmark in sports application. But if it is a home training, we advise you to install Nike Training Club on your phone instead. NTC organizes flexible training sessions adapted to your needs, your goals, your progress and your timetable. First you just have to choose your objective: to tone up, build muscle or specialize. The app will then give you access to four four to six week programs. No question of getting bored, around thirty lessons are available and the exercises are all explained in video. Whether you are training in a perfectly equipped house or in a small apartment without equipment, you will find the routine corresponding to your needs and your availability, to be able to reach your objectives. The little extras? The app is more for women and we can add friends to motivate girls!

The most demanding: Freeletics

Do you want to surpass yourself and even surpass yourself? It is the Freeletics sports application that must be installed. This German workout app has become one of the most used around the world. Available in more than 150 countries and translated into ten different languages, it appeals to athletes, amateurs or not, in search of quick results. Like many others, it is based on the principles of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), that is to say a series of exercises performed very quickly with low recovery times to mobilize the whole body and burn as many calories as possible in a short session. But if Freeletics has already won over 40 million athletes around the world, it is because it goes further. Its asset? Personalization to the extreme. Depending on your goals, you can tailor your training to measure: the number of sessions, the intensity, the environment, the equipment available, the areas to target … You can adjust an impressive number of settings to create the perfect coaching to help you reach your goal. Beyond the purely physical aspect, the application also offers you a nutritional framework in order to adapt your nutritional intake to your training. This will allow you to achieve better performance even faster!

Available on the AppStore and Google Play.


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