how to set your spin bike

how to set your spin bike

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Yoga, fitness … To stay in shape and overcome boredom during the confinement period, here are some good (free) tips for playing sports without leaving your home. To share with friends, even from a distance. Because the important thing is to #resterchezsoi

During confinement, sport at home has the advantage of keeping you in shape, while reducing your stress.

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Neoness: meet twice a day

The right plan? Neoness sports clubs will offer two live sports lessons on Instagram every day and for the duration of the confinement. Thighs, abs, glutes … The goal: to firm up the whole silhouette to show off in a swimsuit, this summer on the beach.

In practice : every day (Monday to Sunday), two lessons will be offered at 8:30 am and noon on the Instagram account of Neoness. The lessons are live and led by a certified coach.

We like … Two meetings a day all week long, it’s a ritual that fights both anxiety and sedentary lifestyle: to be included in the daily timetable to stay healthy in body and health. ‘spirit!

Hot air ballooning: discovering new sports trends

The right plan? Every day, for the duration of the confinement, the Parisian sports club La Montgolfière will put online training videos on Instagram: the lessons will be led by coaches and sports teachers.

In practice : go to La Montgolfière’s Instagram account every day to discover live lessons, then find them in a story.

We love … In addition to the classics (muscle building, yoga, stress …), La Montgolfière coaches also introduce us to new sports practices – such as Pilates Booty or Animal Moove. Nice to keep abreast of the latest trends without leaving home.

The Factory: being accompanied by a distance coach

The right plan? Every two days throughout the confinement period, the Parisian sports clubs L’Usine will broadcast a complete sports session led by a professional coach. There will be something for everyone: yoga, muscle building, Pilates, abs, glutes, circuit training …

In practice : every two days, a sports class (in video) will be posted on the Factory Facebook page and on the Instagram page @lusine_sport.

WE love… In addition to the sports lessons every two days, L’Usine also plans to put daily diet and lifestyle advice online (on Facebook and Instagram). Not bad to take back its silhouette in hand.

Fizzup: get into sport gently

The right plan? Available for free on Google Play (Android) and the Apple Store (iPhone), the Fizzup app contains around 200 sports programs specially designed for beginners. Cardio, weight training, yoga, stretching, abs and even mindfulness meditation: everyone will find what they are looking for.

In practice: we download the Fizzup application, we get a little corner of the lounge and off we go! No specific equipment is necessary: ​​the sessions (in video, with a difficulty that adapts to the level of each) last approximately 5 minutes.

WE love… If the app is available on the phone, owners of a Livebox can also install it directly on their TV and watch videos / sports lessons on the big screen!

Move your fit: get moving with your family

The right plan? Throughout the confinement, Move your fit offers a « Quarantine Challenge »: live sports lessons on Youtube, every day at 10:30 am. These are then available for replay on the club’s channel, hosted by two French fitness champions.

In practice: Nothing could be simpler: you go to the MYF Move Your Fit YouTube channel and you can either take advantage of a live sports class (yoga, fitness … every day at 10:30 am) or launch a #MYFquarantaineChallenge video.

WE love… Many of the videos offered by the coaches are « parent-child » courses: top to help the little ones to let off steam, and to strengthen family ties in this delicate period.

Fit’Ballet: try your hand at classical dance

The right plan? To discover the classical dance version « fitness », Fit’Ballet offers video and live lessons on Instagram, twice a week for the duration of the confinement. Accessible to everyone, the Fit’Ballet classes focus on joint flexibility and muscle building.

In practice: Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 p.m., the lessons are on video (live) on Instagram: @octavieescure.

WE love… A mix of classical dance and fitness is a physical activity that changes! During a session, we are transported elsewhere and we discover the soul of a ballerina.

French Federation EPGV: staying in shape with professionals

The right plan? The French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics is also getting started! During the entire confinement period, the « Sport and Health Federation » will feed its Youtube channel with video lessons, carried out by professional FFEPGV leaders.

In practice: visit the YouTube channel of the French Federation EPGV to discover sports lessons on video – to do without equipment or particular sport level.

WE love… The French Federation EPGV is aimed in particular at seniors, with lessons that aim to maintain joint flexibility, autonomy and muscle mass. In addition, on its website, the Federation has put online a « parent-baby » sports course to download (in PDF) to get kids from 9 months to 2 years old moving.

Lucile Woodward: playing sports with children

The right plan? Sports coach Lucile Woodward is helping out: throughout the confinement, this mother of 2 children will be regularly live on Youtube to broadcast fun and invigorating « parent-child » sports sessions.

In practice: visit Lucile Woodward’s YouTube channel to watch his videos live, and find the 4 « Family Workout Live » already online.

WE love… First, the community of Lucile Woodward (more than 250,000 subscribers on Youtube) promises lively live shows: it’s great support for playing sports without getting bored. Deuzio, the coach also posts lifestyle videos (for example: how not to gain weight during confinement?) For full support.

Swedish Fit: test the Swedish gym

The right plan? Discovering the Swedish gym without leaving home is a good idea: during the entire confinement period, the Swedish Fit brand will give live lessons every day on Facebook, on Instagram and on its website. On the menu: sweat and good humor, with professional coaches.
In practice:on the official Swedish Fit website, you can find the schedule for the next few days. The courses are broadcast live on social networks and on the website. They remain available for a few days in replay.

WE love… Contrary to what its name suggests, the Swedish gym, it lets off steam! The course takes place on rock music, we sing, we clap our hands, we jump on the spot … and we burn a maximum of calories without spending a euro.

Mom’up: introduce children to yoga

The right plan? Mom’up will be offering parent-child yoga classes on Instagram every day for the duration of the confinement. Besides the lessons (video and live, all week), we can also test meditation sessions to free ourselves from negative energies … with the family!

In practice: Visit Instagram every day (@momupbydelphine) to find a new live class. Tip: by subscribing (free of charge) to the Mom’Up newsletter, you will receive the course schedule the day before for the following day.

WE love… To keep the children going around in circles because of confinement, Mom’Up has set up a #yogacorochallenge. The idea? Every day, the child will have to reproduce a yoga posture, proposed on Instagram by the coach … and it is not always easy!

Besport: sculpting your figure

The right plan? Since Saturday March 28, 2020, the Besport and French and Fit brands offer daily 2 or 3 video workouts to continue sculpting their figure despite the confinement: between HIIT and cardio, these sessions are aimed more at experienced athletes .

In practice: visit the Besport website every day, which has put French and Fit lessons online. Practical: the training time and the necessary equipment (carpet …) are displayed on the video before the launch.

WE love… Quite intense and rather focused on the biceps, legs, abs and pecs, these pro workouts will delight bodybuilders who can no longer sweat in the gym.

IN VIDEO: special size gym. An easy exercise to find a wasp waist.

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