proform cardio hiit trainer parts

proform cardio hiit trainer parts

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The sports halls are closed, yes, but you don’t give up on your summer body. To have a crazy body this summer, no need for machinery or equipment, just your phone and a little bit of willpower!

We have selected a few applications for you that will allow you to stay active during this period of confinement, but not only. We promise you, when all this is behind us and you find your coach, you may even be able to teach him some routines!

Nike Training Club

THE most generalist of sports apps. Originally designed for women, it is true, but which ultimately adapts to all. The app goes at your own pace. You first choose the desired frequency of your training: from 1 training per week to 5+ for the most fit. Then you have a whole collection of programs that range from 4 to 6 weeks and that match your current physical condition.

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The interface is super intuitive, you can choose exercises based on the part of the body you want to work on, but also the type of training (endurance, strength, etc.) or the equipment you have available (we have chosen without). The icing on the cake, the app with a small tab to track your achievements and progress, all for free


Because not everyone has the motivation or the time to train for hours, we offer you the Sevn app. The principle ? 7 minutes of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). We start by choosing its objective: weight loss, fitness or rather maintenance for the most athletic.

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Then the number of times a week we want to train and the time when our phone will gently remind us that it’s time to go sweat. You have access to a multitude of different workouts: from full body to the most specific. You have no excuse for not moving!

The plan is € 59.99 for 12 months or € 9.99 if you choose the monthly option.

Melissa Wood Health

The lovely coach Melissa Wood offers you an app for those who want to test her method. On the program: a canon interface and no frills. Lots of workouts but also meditation sessions and even pre and post natal exercises for moms. You can download the videos for later, or cast them to your TV in the blink of an eye.

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The Melissa Wood experience does not stop there, we meet on its site where we find a multitude of super good and healthy recipes, podcasts and articles, but also where to shop more stylish sportswear each other.

Glamor is quite affordable with a formula at $ 99.99 a year or $ 9.99 a month.


The creed of the app: « move at your own pace »! With FizzUp, we play sports as we want. The first time you get started, you inform your goal, the pace you would like to adopt and if you have the equipment. The workouts are very fast, so again, no excuse!

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The big plus of the app: personalized nutrition programs , for a little extra boost.

The premium version is available for € 7.99 per month, € 29.99 for 6 months or € 49.99 for the year.

Sworkit Fitness & Workout

The application “go with the flow”: You choose if you want to explore the workouts or if you prefer a personalized program. You will find nice and healthy recipes on their Instagram account. Also, beyond being super complete, the app offers you revalidation programs for injured people for example. Finally, we love the option workout for children !

The premium version is available for € 9.99 per month or € 59.99 per year.

Down dog

Whether you are a novice or experienced yogi, Down Dog will be able to accompany you. You choose the sound, duration and style of yoga you want to practice. And with more than 30,000 possible combinations, we understand why this is the number 1 app for blinds!

The little extra? The app is free until 1er may.

The subscription costs € 54.99 a year or € 8.99 a month

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