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Do you go around in circles in your apartment or are you depressed that you can’t go further than the bottom of your garden? This does not prevent you from having a physical activity worthy of the name, even without specific equipment. There are free applications, permanently or for the time of this confinement, to obtain personalized sports training. Overview.

Down dog

Down dog

© Down Dog

You will understand by its small name, Down Dog (« upside down dog », one of the most famous yoga postures) allows you to perform yoga sessions on demand. The application allows you to choose a level, beginner or not, a session duration, a more or less dynamic type of yoga and targeted exercises (strengthening of the back, abdominal strap, body as a whole …). Once you have made your choice, the application generates a session which, even if you keep the same parameters each day, varies each time. The directions are clear, available in French, and free until May 1. Typically, the subscription is charged 8.99 euros monthly or 54.99 euros per year. Note that you also have free access to the other applications from the developer of Down Dog, Yoga Buddhi: Yoga for absolute beginners, HIIT, Bar and 7 minutes.

Down Dog on the App Store / Down Dog on the Google Play Store

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach

© Fitbit

The Fitbit app is usually paid (43.99 euros per year), at least in its most complete Premium version. The tool, which can be used with or without the brand’s product – whose Charge 4 bracelet has just been formalized – offers a wide choice of exercises to be performed outdoors, for those who wish to optimize their outings, and indoors for everyone else. The programs are customizable according to the level of each, and health indications, adapted music as well as badges of encouragement are offered. The application, offered in French (iOS, Android and browser), is currently free for a 90-day trial period.

Fitbit Coach on the App Store / Fitbit Coach on the Google Play Store

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

© Nike

A classic, completely free, and which will allow you to find training sessions with a virtual coach on your smartphone. Various types of workouts are offered, from running – we don’t recommend running while in confinement – to fitness exercises and yoga. Training programs are included depending on the level (from beginner to confirmed) and targets targeted according to body areas. Note that a large part of sports sessions does not require any other material than a pair of sneakers and a floor mat. Convenient for confined people in apartments and without special equipment.

Nike Training Club on the App Store / Nike Training Club on the Google Play Store

7 Minutes Workout

7 Minutes Workout

© 7 Minutes Workout

A bit simple compared to competing applications, this title has the merit of getting straight to the point. These are therefore training sessions dedicated to those in a hurry – they last 7 minutes – and include simple exercises. The demonstration is carried out by a virtual assistant seconded by a video coach to better visualize the movements if necessary. Stopwatch, exercise log and targeting as needed are on the menu in this completely free application.

7 Minutes Workout on the Google Play Store / Equivalent app on the App Store


© Freeletics

A classic in sports applications, Freeletics offers various titles, some of which require that you be equipped with a minimum of equipment. For those who will be satisfied with their towel and their shoes, we therefore recommend HIITS, which also offers training adapted to the objectives of the user. The application is chargeable (a little more than 9 euros per month), but some of its content is available for free, and allows you to perform a good handful of intense workouts, from 5 to 30 minutes approximately. To obtain training programs over several weeks with more precision on the objectives to be achieved, it will nevertheless be necessary to proceed to the checkout.

Freeletics Coach Musculation on the App Store / Freeletics HIITS on the Google Play Store

Bonus: TV and social networks, same fight

Gym Tonic is no longer, but France TV chooses to resurrect or almost the program in a format suitable for confinement and broadcast, since April 6, Monday to Friday at 10:30 am on France 3 or 11:55 am on France 5. These are then sessions of about half an hour, accessible for free in replay for those who are not in front of their small screen during their broadcast, which can be followed. Also think about sessions on Instagram: many sports coaches offer live sessions, in their stories, to follow with other internet users determined to keep fit!

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