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Autumn and winter represent a rather monotonous season for cyclists, as bad weather and cold discourage even the most determined from going out alone or in groups for training.

What to do for don’t lose your preparation and endurance do you earn hard in the spring and summer months? In order not to miss training, many cyclists, both amateur and competitive, choose to practice sessions of indoor workout: we talk about spinning, or the training practiced on spin bike, tools that are completely similar to the classic exercise bike but very different as regards the possibility of adjusting the effort and the resistance of the instrument itself to intensive training.

It is not, as many believe, a boring, monotonous and useless workout, performed only to not spend the cold months idle: on the contrary it is an essential part of the cyclist’s training, not only to maintain the results achieved in outdoor workouts , but also for work on your own critical issues and weak points.

What do you get with the Spin Bike training for Cyclists?

Of course, we try to consume calories, an important factor for cyclists who must keep their weight under control in order not to deteriorate performance.

The second goal is train all muscle groups and is achieved by changing the support points often: in this way all the muscles develop and strengthen, without however going into hypertrophy, which causes weight gain.

Also essential is the fractional labor, often changing pace but never losing pedaling regularity.

How can you train with the Spin Bike?

First of all, it is wrong to think that you can only rely on this tool, which is certainly essential, but which should be interspersed with other aerobic activities to be carried out in the gym: therefore, pedaling is fine, but you shouldn’t do this alone. In addition, it must be taken into account that training with the spin bike is profitable only if well planned and managed, otherwise it only turns into a useless effort.

The first thing is to choose a right environment: it is not mandatory to go to the gym, but the important thing is avoid too hot and dry environments, for the risk of sweating excessively or getting sick. The ideal is to train in an environment whose temperature does not exceed 16 ° C and as humid as the outside could be; you start by dressing appropriately and undressing as you warm up.

The choice of the tool is essential and it is advisable to choose a spin bike that can faithfully reproduce the environments in which you train outdoors (downhill, uphill, level) by adjusting the settings of the tool in a congenial way. The best spin bikes have a large and heavy flywheel whose task, just like in cars, is to absorb engine vibrations and power variations: in this way pedaling is decidedly more comfortable and free of repercussions.

Of course there spin bike, exactly like the bike you use, it must be perfectly adjusted according to the height of the user, both to have a optimal control pedaling, both to avoid pain and numbness at the end of the workout.

With regard to the type of work to be performed on the spin bike, there are numerous theories and methodologies, some widely accepted and practiced, others studied by the most expert cyclists to adapt to their own rhythms and timings. The ideal for a spin bike training for cyclists is to keep one high heart rate at all times, but slightly lower than outdoor training, even if much of the success depends on the cyclist’s psychological predisposition (if the motivation and the stimulus to use a spin bike are not found, it is difficult to obtain satisfactory results).

In any case, it is not recommended to plan an indoor work on the copy of an outdoor workout. First of all, times should be halved for each phase: for example, as regards the continued rhythms, the times must be halved, while for the repeated short ones (interspersed work and climbs-strength-resistance) the times can be kept unchanged.

Spin Bike Training Scheme

A typical spin bike training scheme for cyclists usually involves an initial phase of heating, very important, of at least 15 minutes with a rhythm of about 60 rides per minute; follows the phase of work, divided into fractional efforts (ascent-floor-descent) by adjusting the resistance of the instrument and varying the position on the pedals from sitting to standing, so as to train all the muscles; Finally, 10 minutes of slow pedaling or walking is recommended stretching (trying to halve the maximum heart rate reached) which are very important for eliminating the lactic acid produced in the effort and preventing muscle cramps.

Here is one sample table of spin bike training for cyclists, which is more or less good for everyone and can be modified appropriately according to needs.

To train resistance, at least 2 times a week:
– 15 minutes of warm-up
– 10 minutes standing followed by 10 minutes sitting, FC 150
– 5 minutes standing and 5 minutes sitting, FC 150; alternate 3 times
– 15 minutes of cool-down, seated, FC 120
– 10 minutes of stretching

For strength training (SFR):
– 15 minutes of warm-up
– 7 sets of 8 minutes, consisting of: 5 minutes of loading (seated, FC 140) plus 3 minutes of unloading (sitting, recovery FC); then 5 minutes standing at FC of about 150 beats per minute, 3 minutes of recovery sitting.
– 15 minutes of cool-down, seated, FC 120
– 10 minutes of stretching

As you continue your workouts, your recovery time may be reduced.

Final Tips for Training with the Spin Bike

Some final tips: working in a team involves greater motivation and the establishment of a certain team spirit that increases endurance and performance. Against the boredom of a monotonous landscape such as the gym, you can listen to music. Hydration is important, so drink regularly, and the perception of your limits, so it is good not to overdo it but proceed in steps, progressively testing its resistance.

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