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Winter is not a leisure season for fans of mountain biking: although cold and bad weather discourage even the strongest, there are specific ones MTB training programs which provide for the use of the spin bike, or a gym equipment that simulates in all respects the conditions of a workout outdoor.

Autumn and winter are therefore seasons to make the most of general preparation, therefore to build a good fund on which to support specific preparation periods.

What exactly is the Spin Bike for?

We must immediately clarify what to do indoor cycling with the spin bike it is very different from pedaling in order to lose weight and strengthen the muscles: in fact, it is considered that whoever decides to follow such a training program is already an expert biker, equipped with a good od excellent aerobic base, that you only need to maintain or increase your muscle strength in the winter months to build a good starting point for the summer, when you go to outdoor workouts. So here we discuss a MTB training already quite advanced.

For beginners of the mountain bike or for those who need lose weight, we recommend a fitness workout, which always includes spin bikes, but with radically different objectives (i.e. increase aerobic capacity, train the heart to maintain a High and constant HR and build a good muscle base).

During the winter, bikers generally attend both the gym, to strengthen the muscles, both spin bike training, which comes in handy for improve the cardio-circulatory system, increase the anaerobic and threshold working capacity, tolerate high levels of lactic acid and, in general, improve performance.

Why aerobic work out in the gym?

At least one gym day a week is required for strengthen and tone the muscles of the upper body which, in the discipline of mountain bike, are essential for maintaining control of the bike on difficult descents and, vice versa, for pulling the handlebar in front of obstacles.

Strengthening the lower part, especially the thighs and calves, serves instead to improve the ability to withstand sudden braking and to absorb shocks. For these purposes, training (both on the bench and on the spin bike) must be very diversified to increase the performance of all muscle groups who work synchronously in this discipline.

Taking into account spin bike training for MTB, there are different types of work based on the objectives that are to be achieved and, above all, on the basis of the preparation of the individual bikers and their critical issues (which are the ones that are to be improved).

Taking for granted that the biker is already an expert or otherwise of medium level, i low and medium intensity jobs they should be routine in both outdoor and indoor workouts, and typically include standard repetitions at 70% -80% of your maximum heart rate (e.g. 10 minutes at minimum resistance at 60% of the maximum HR, followed by 10 minutes of power per minute80% of the maximum HR, and so on at least 3 times). You need to get a good one heart rate monitor to keep your heart rate under control.

What you need to work on to push your performance to the max are the resistance training (Endurance) at constant and high heart rate, and the work of strength and endurance (SFR) at 80% of the maximum heart rate, using high resistances.

Then there are i interspersed works, i.e. repetitions of work peaks (HR 85% of the maximum) with heart rate recovery intervals (HR 65% of the maximum). Recovery depends on the length of the work phase, for example if the work lasts 5 minutes, recovery can be 3 minutes. As it increases the resistance and the lung capacity, the recovery can also be decreased to 2 minutes.

in intensive interspersed work 95% of the maximum heart rate can also be reached at the peak, but in this case the recovery will be double the work phase (for example, 3 minutes of work and 6 minutes of recovery at 65% HR of the maximum).

Finally, the rhythm changes: it is an aerobic training that provides an average HR of about 60-80% of the maximum. In this case it is the biker who manages his own peak-recovery rhythm, bearing in mind that recoveries must last at least half of the work peaks.

Before starting thespin bike training, keep in mind to foresee at least 10 minutes of warm-up and, at the end of the session, 10 minutes of cool-down e stretching to prevent muscle cramps.

Weekly Training Program

A typical week of training on spin bikes for MTB provides (except for any personal variations based on your preparation):

Monday: gym, aerobic work for muscle strengthening and maintenance of the work base

Tuesday: 1 hour of work on spin bikes

Thursday: 1 hour of work on spin bikes

Saturday: 2 hours of work on spin bikes, especially endurance, SFR and intensive interspersed work

Sunday: 1 hour of SFR and rhythm variations (possibly outdoors on your bike, otherwise indoors).

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