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Me too’Elliptical it is a fitness tool particularly appreciated by users and it represents today one of the best exercise equipment to train the body, to be used directly at home.

In this article we will focus precisely on advantages and benefits that an elliptical trainer can offer, but first you need to understand the main differences between one elliptical it’s a exercise bike.

Exercise Bike or Elliptical Trainer?

There exercise bike and the elliptical are two tools that can offer a good one aerobic and cardiotonic training. Ideal to improve their physical shape and burn a few more calories, they need frequent and constant use, supported by a balanced diet and a suitable lifestyle.

L’elliptical in particular, evolution of the exercise bike, which has recently been very successful among all fitness lovers, figure among the most complete gym machines ever, being able to train both the upper and lower limbs simultaneously, in addition to the abdominal region.

THE benefits of the elliptical trainer they are many, and they go to a net improved blood circulation to a increase in muscle tone, going through an important energy expenditure. Just like on the exercise bike, the movement to be performed on the elliptical is that of pedaling.

Different is that on the elliptical one remains standing and you must accompany the ride with a oscillatory movement of the arms, also involved in training. The elliptical trainer has characteristics halfway between running and pedaling and, like the exercise bike, allows you to adjust the resistance and therefore the intensity of your training.

The position that must be maintained throughout the session calls into question numerous different muscle areas, such as the buttocks, abs, thighs, arms, back and pectoral muscles. But let’s get more specific and analyze the numerous benefits ofelliptical.

Benefits of the Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical is a machine that guarantees a particularly high energy expendituretherefore it is preferable to start with short training sessions, without going beyond 10/15 minutes per session, depending on the level of training you are used to.

The elliptical trainer focuses maximum effort on the quadriceps and buttocks, also involving the abdominal region. This makes it one of the absolute favorite machines for women and all those who need to streamline and tone the muscular districts just mentioned.

When the legs alternate in the rotary movement, the arms also do the same, which in turn involve pectoral and back muscles, called to push and pull alternately the upper levers with which the tool is equipped.

L’training with the ellipticalFurthermore, it has shown particular efficacy in increasing resistance under stress, resulting in significant benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Training with the elliptical exerciser must be conducted in a perfectly upright position, keeping the trunk at the right distance from the upper levers of the machine. When you feel able, you can further increase your pedaling resistance.

The elliptical trainer is back from the great success achieved in the fitness facilities of the whole world, thanks to the infinite list of benefits that conscious and constant use can bring to the body and physical form. The elliptical trainer is able to offer a greater energy expenditure compared to that caused by the use of other machines designed for aerobic work, such as the exercise bike and the treadmill.

Those who use the classic pedal stroke, or the forward one, will be able to tone your quadriceps and buttocks right from the very first training sessions, observing improvements very similar to those offered by traditional weight training. Anyone who wants to can change the direction of pedaling, making a backward movement and carrying out a more specific job for the hamstrings and therefore for the back of the legs, ideal especially for women who experience the typical signs of a widespread blemish as the cellulite.

The elliptical trainer is also recommended by many athletic trainers and sports doctors for the post-accident rehabilitations, especially if you have suffered joint trauma to the knees or problems with arthritis and excessive wear of the joints of the lower limbs.

How do you train with the elliptical?

The basic rule of a training done on the elliptical it concerns the need to always maintain a regular frequency. It will also be important to maintain a perfectly erect position and avoid bending with the torso downwards, in order to avoid any resentment of the lumbar region.

The movement of the legs and arms must be fluid and constant, without sudden accelerated. The first training sessions must not exceed 15/20 minutes; as soon as the time frame in question has become insufficient, you can choose to increase the time, or alternatively increase the resistance of the tool.

Who has achieved a good level of training and aims to improve its explosiveness, can resort totraining with repetitions, or forward shots of the duration of 50/60 seconds able to train the white fibers present in the muscle tissue that makes up the quadriceps. This type of training is aimed at increasing speed and improving heart response.

As for i benefits of the elliptical trainer from the point of view of slimming, understood as the amount of calories burned, it also becomes necessary find a good balance between speed and endurance and maximize the effects of the effort.

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