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In this article we will see how to lose weight and get the best results using the elliptical. For the uninitiated, the elliptical is a particular fitness machine, whose main use is precisely that aimed at slimming, being a machine particularly suitable for burn too many calories, even more than the tools commonly used for aerobic work, such as the treadmill and the exercise bike.

L’elliptical, just like the machines just mentioned, to ensure good results it needs a frequent use and a serious and constant commitment, associated with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Definitely, lElliptical is one of the most complete machines out there, as it is able to stimulate the muscles of the arms and legs, in addition to the muscular districts that are part of the abdominals, pectoral and back muscles.

How to lose weight with the elliptical?

As we previously explained, the elliptical is a machine that involves a large number of muscle areas, including thighs, buttocks, abdominals, biceps, triceps, backs and pectorals and, also for this reason, it ensures a very important energy expenditure.

Those who are not used to training with this machine will have to start with rather short sessions lasting 15/20 minutes, in relation to the level of training you are used to. Especially involving the thighs and buttocks, the elliptical trainer is perfect for all people who need to streamline and tone this area of ​​the body and especially for women who want to fight a blemish as widespread as annoying as cellulite.

The rotary movement carried out by the legs also calls into question the arms, which in turn recall the pectoral and back muscles, engaged in moving the levers of the tool. Such widespread and capillary training forces the body to burn large amounts of calories, as well as improving the so-called resistance under stress, or the ability of the cardiovascular system to withstand prolonged efforts.

Each workout must be performed while maintaining an upright position, without bending the trunk. As soon as your tempering allows it, it will be possible to increase the resistance of the machine. The great success of the elliptical trainer depends largely on the ability of this tool to burn large quantities of calories and streamline the areas most affected.

Those who will use the classic pedaling, that is, the one forward, will see toned buttocks and quadriceps above all, already after the first workouts, enjoying results similar to or even superior to a classic weight training.

Who will complete their training by varying the sense of pedaling, will also do a specific work on the hamstrings and on the entire back of the thighs.

In addition to slimming and strengthening the leg muscles, the elliptical trainer is also highly recommended for rehabilitation which follows a joint or muscle injury.

The elliptical trainer can also be used by those who complain wear problems in the joints of the lower limbs and therefore of arthritis and other chronic inflammations.

Train with the elliptical to maximize its slimming effect

The most important rule is the one that requires those who want to lose weight with the elliptical of maintain a regular frequency. It will be absolutely necessary to also maintain an upright position, avoiding too much arching downwards, so as to avoid any resentment of the lumbar region.

The alternating movement of legs and arms must remain fluid and constant, avoiding jerks and sudden accelerations.

As anticipated, the first workouts with the elliptical trainer must not exceed 15/20 minutes, while once you have become more familiar and resistant, you will need to increase the duration of your sessions, or increase the resistance of the machine.

After the first month, those who have followed their training schedule with commitment and perseverance will be able to increase the duration of your sessions up to 40/45 minutes and triple the amount of calories burned.

Those who, on the other hand, also want to improve strength and speed, will occasionally resort to repeat technique, which consist of shots of a maximum duration of 50/60 seconds, capable of train the white muscle fibers present in the quadriceps.

A regular and bland workout, on the contrary, only recalls the red fibers, or the section of the muscle assigned to resistance. By varying the intensity of the workouts you can also increase the cardiac resistance.

To maximize the slimming effects of the elliptical you need to find the right balance between speed and endurance and increase the duration of your workouts from time to time.

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