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Whether you wish to engage in physical activity or are attempting to improve your athletic performance, an excellent advice is to try the Exercise bikes.

It is a machine for everyone and it is there perfect solution to keep fit in your home without necessarily going to the gym.

Not everyone, however, especially if novice, healthy to use this tool: here is one short guide to use the exercise bike in the best way.

The right saddle and handlebar height

First of all, it is important to remind you that thehandlebar height must never exceed that of the saddle. You will have to be able to grab the handlebars without getting tired and, to do this, you will have to take a position that is sufficiently comfortable.

Your upper body should be tilted slightly forward, but not completely bent: you will be sure of maintaining the right posture, as soon as you feel your abs slightly contracted.

Now put your hands on the handlebar. Also in this case it is quite simple to understand if your position is the right one because the opening of the hands will be equal to the size of your shoulders.

Also, when exercising, remember never to take your hands off the handlebar as you risk overloading your back and spine too much.

The ride

Fundamental, when you use the exercise bike, it is thepedal height: the pedaling, in fact, must not be excessively high. As you exercise on the exercise bike, your legs will need to be able to completely relax, without ever touching the abdomen.

Make sure to put your feet well on the pedals, being careful not to bend the pelvis left and right during the training session, sit on the saddle and find your ideal location.

The basic exercises on the exercise bike

To achieve optimal results you need to train with regular frequency but without exaggerating. Initially pedal for 20 minutes a day and increase by 5 minutes each week until you get to 45 minutes of training daily. This is the right training time to firm muscles and burn calories (30 minutes of training will make you burn about 245 calories).

Later, when you are more trained, you could associate the use of the exercise bike with some cardio exercise or to the weights, alternating fast and slow phases, so as to improve your fitness.

Pedaling, however, can sometimes be boring: that’s why we suggest some simple steps to make yours exercise with the most fun and effective exercise bike. After a few weeks the progress will be noticed: you will have more breath, more resistance and your body will also be more toned.

1) First of all, always give yourself a goal: in this way also the performances will benefit;

2) Train yourself to music: whether it’s through a stereo or with headphones, the right rhythm will make the difference;

3) If you train in a room where there is a TV, turn it on and put on a good movie: distracting yourself will help you not to feel tired and you won’t risk getting bored.

Ride with Goals

Getting in the saddle « just to pedal » sooner or later will tire you and you will lose the desire to train. So to prevent this from happening, set yourself a goal any: this does not necessarily have to be a titanic undertaking, it is enough that it is something slightly above your current capabilities. For example, you could increase your training time from 20 to 25 minutes.

Let yourself be led by Music

Whether you are a fan of opera or punk rock, listen to your favorite tracks during training it is undoubtedly the most effective and simple way to find the right motivation and to make the clock hands run faster.

Create a playlist and start pedaling: by adjusting the rhythm of your workout with that of the selected music, you will have the energy necessary to continue the ride on the exercise bike and you will not be bored.

Turn on the television

If the adrenaline of a good piece of music just isn’t for you, then more « drastic » remedies are needed to keep you in the saddle. In other words, it will be necessary find a way to distract yourself without the exercise bike getting boring. A good lazy proof method is to turn on the television and choose one movie interesting or a TV show to your liking.

Since it will be unlikely, especially if you are at the beginning, to be able to pedal for an hour and a half, choose one of your favorite series: an episode, in general, does not last long and when it ends you will have finished your training and you will not even have noticed.

Have fun and be positive

None of these, however, is a « rule » but only useful tips and advice for use the exercise bike without getting bored: only in this way, in fact, will you be able to keep your workouts constant and obtain the desired results.

So the only basic rules are: positive mental attitude and spirit of fun. You will see that everything else will come by itself and you will discover that, after all, you are never too lazy or unmotivated to get back in shape 😉

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