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There Exercise bikes it is the most popular exerciser in the world. Born as chamber bicycle, is now also present in all gyms and represents a fundamental element in the various training programs.

The spread of this tool is due to his effectiveness combined with ease of use et al small footprint.

Both in the gym and between the walls of the house, a correct and regular training on the exercise bike brings unquestionable benefits to the whole body: tones the muscles, improves breathing and posture, facilitates microcirculation and the cardio-circulatory system, fights cellulite and promotes weight loss, allowing the achievement of a perfect physical shape, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Although the physical activity carried out on the exercise bike causes a general benefit to the body, it is evident that the movements mainly affect the lower part of the body.

THE muscles involved in the exercises are, in addition to those of the legs, the buttocks, the lumbar muscles and the abdominals.

During training, the action of all the thigh muscles that develop in the skeletal section of the femur is stimulated, those placed anteriorly, posteriorly and laterally to the thigh, very important as they are involved in the hip and knee joints.

The muscle belongs to the front Tailoring and the hamstring, respectively the longest and most voluminous muscle of the human body, the Pettineus muscle and the Ilio-psoas.

Similarly, the rotary movement of the pedals of the exercise bike is given by the action of the lateral thigh muscles: the Gracile muscle, the external Obturator and the Adductors (Short, Long and Large Adductor). They are flat muscles ofinner thigh normally difficult to firm, they represent the critical point of women, as often it is flabby and unsightly, the solution is represented by a targeted workout with the exercise bike, which can achieve the desired results.

The muscles of the back of the thigh involved in exercise with the exercise bike are the Femoral biceps, the semimembranous and the semitendinosus.

The hamstring and the hamstring flow into the kneetherefore work with the exercise bike is recommended, as it is considered very effective, in the rehabilitation phase of the knee after an intervention.

Doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers and specialists in the sector agree in judging the cycling activity crucial for the achievement of physical well-being.

The harmonious and simultaneous movement of the muscles of the entire lower apparatus develops beneficial effects on the whole organism, a sense of newfound well-being which determines greater resistance, the toning and natural development of the muscles, the achievement of the desired performance. Costane and targeted training leads visible results already after the first workouts, a factor not to be overlooked for its positive impact on the level of self-esteem.

Exercises with the exercise bike feature the leg muscles, of fundamental importance for locomotion, they develop in the skeletal area of ​​Tibia and Perone. In particular, the action of pedaling involves the muscles Leg flexors and extenders, the Adductors and Abductors.

Among the Flexors the Triceps of the sura, also called, is of great importance Calf, formed by Gemini and Soleus. Keeping the muscles of the leg toned and in full form automatically results in a perfect articulation of the foot, since many of them are directly related to the bones of the foot.

A drawback, due to the use of the exercise bike, could be the slimming of the legs accompanied by excessive muscle development, which in women could have unsightly effects. Inconvenience averted if you follow a program that focus on distance rather than intensity.

The exercise bike reveals itself a precious exerciser also to be used at home, also taking advantage of free moments, to train everyone the muscles lower limbs, including those of the feet. Just make sure, before starting to pedal, that the height of the seat is adjusted according to the height of the athlete, that the pedal strap allows the foot to push with the metatarsus, not with the toe, in practice with the part of the foot that rests for walking. With these simple precautions you can also ensure astretching the back muscles, for the benefit of posture.

A walk or a run in the open air, especially in the summer, are undoubtedly very healthy, but they set limits as they require time and become difficult in bad weather, collisions with the ground are also possible, with the risk of falls with trauma to the knees, ankles, feet or back. Using the exercise bike you can play a constant training at any time, safe from any accident, the tool can also be used by senior citizens, who in this way can enjoy the benefits of a training conducted in absolute safety.

The latest generation exercise bikes allow you to set various parameters including time and endurancealso based on age, they record heart beat, which must always be kept under control. Gradually increasing stamina increases engagement Buttocks in pedaling, therefore a good gymnastic exercise brings visible benefits also to these muscles that result higher and firmer.

A well-set workout also determines the firming of the abdominal. Some models of modern exercise bikes have a rowing machine that requires the direct involvement of the arm muscles.

Only proper training and the right posture ensure a physiological development of the muscles, so it is important to respect the expected times for heating, performed with slow pedal strokes, those dedicated towork out finally, the times of Cool Down, in which the rhythm is gradually slowed down. Not only is fatigue useless, but it can even prove harmful to the muscles.

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