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If you bought a classic Vertical exercise bike and you can’t get good results, then you should read this guide to know immediately what they are the best exercises to do with the exercise bike.

Although it is one particularly easy to use fitness tool, there are several exercises to perform to maximize results, especially those related to weight loss, the increase of one’s physical endurance, trying to achieve overall physical well-being.

Exercises for the preparation of the exercise bike

As for the use of any other tool, also as regards the exercise bike, it is necessary to carry out a type of preparatory exercise that allows you to warm up the muscles.

These particular exercises fall into the category of stretching: it will be very important to carry out exercises that consist in flexing the torso, legs and arms in alternating phases, so that one’s muscles can withstand physical exertion which will then be addressed during the actual training phase.

Once you stretch, you will be able to board the exercise bike and start with the first exercise which sees the use of this useful tool to keep itself in excellent physical shape.

Slow and steady pedaling

The first period of physical activity, using the exercise bike, is to do one slow but steady pedaling.

The position of the back must be straight and the hands I must firmly squeeze the handlebar. Their position must be perpendicular and not too tense: the movement of the legs must be constant and you will need to try not to push too hard on the pedals.

This type of training falls within the heating phase: thanks to this particular exercise, the body will be able to adapt more to subsequent exercises, those that will be more tiring.

This training will also be essential during the final phase of advanced training: it is also part of the Cool Down, fundamental exercise especially for avoid tearing.

As a type of exercise, in the first period it will be important to carry out training sessions lasting about 20 minutes at a time. The body will be able to adapt more to physical exercises, thanks to these training sessions.

Intermediate Exercise Bike Training

L’intermediate training instead it is characterized by a type of faster pedaling compared to the initial stage.

In order not to tire your body it will be important to carry it out, at least initially, for very short time frames: if the warm-up phase lasts 10 minutes, in the first sessions it will be important increase the speed for 5 minutes, after pedaling slowly for 15 minutes.

Afterwards it will be important to carry out another session of slow pedaling, in order to avoid a level of physical stress which turns out to be excessive and unpleasant to bear.

To intensify the effort more, during this phase, you can lift your glutes and pedal with greater speed.

Obviously, the grip on the handlebars of the exercise bike must be firm enough, so as to avoid slipping or face potentially dangerous situations.

Exercise Complex Exercise

Another type of training is that which consists inarticulate the movement of the arms with that of the legs.

It will be enough go to the rhythm: each lunge corresponds to the movement of an arm, which must be opposite to that of the leg that is pedaling.

It will be very important also try to do the bending by stretching the arm to the maximum: the bending can be done upwards or sideways, obviously trying to avoid sudden movements that could tear the muscles.

Another complex exercise consists, after the usual ten minutes of warming up, in the pedal by flexing your upper body forward, completely lifting the buttocks and keeping the position trying to pedal at a faster pace. This exercise allows you to tone the leg muscles and improve your physical endurance.

Ride while standing

Another type of very intense exercise consists in getting up completely from the bicycle and pedal while standing.

This type of training will be able to fortify the lower part of the body, or the legs, which will be able to derive maximum benefit from this type of exercise.

It will therefore be necessary to proceed with a specific order, that is, starting from heating pedal, moving on to the faster one to perform this exercise or the one in a semi-sitting position. In this way, the best results can be obtained in shorter time frames.

At the end of these exercises, the slow pedaling to completely loosen the muscles of the legs, torso and shoulders.

Latest Practical Tips for Exercising with the Exercise Bike

Obviously we must try to remember that these training sessions must be constant over time.

It will be very important to try to do some in the first period short sessions alternating one day of exercises with one of rest, with resistance of the exercise bike very light, or at minimum.

As the weeks go by, you can increase not only the resistance of the exercise bike, but also the duration of the exercises, which will go from a maximum time of 20 minutes, to double, in order to improve their physical endurance and muscle tone.

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