l 10 Best Gifts Ballerinas 2018

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If your friend loves dancing, if your child doesn't miss an opportunity to dance, then for Christmas it's the right time for a special gift.

To make your child happy, how about a wonderful tutu to make her feel like an opera étoile? And your friend who doesn't have time to enroll in a modern dance school because she doesn't give dvd tutorials?

These are just some of the ideas for an original thought that is out of the ordinary. Certainly these proposals are not easy to find except in specialized shops.

But if you want to speed up your search, why not explore the endless possibilities offered by the channel online selling? Among other things, on the web you can also find fun gadgets that you can buy with just a few euros but that can make the happiness of the people to whom you send the gift.

1. Odziezet Tutu Skirt Plain Color for Ballet Girl

It has a soft and comfortable fabric, ideal for dance sessions. It has two outer layers of 20D nylon with high density and elasticity and a layer of inner lining. The elastic waistband promotes wearability. It can be machine washed or dry cleaned.

2. Newin Star Wall sticker

Dedicated to dance fans, it is a sticker that can be found anywhere in the home, from the bedroom to the kitchen. It can be applied to the wall or cabinets, to windows and even to the refrigerator. It does not damage the plaster and can be easily removed.

3. Dance You Dance Pad Protection Ballet Foot on the forefoot

It is an upper with breathable mesh gauze, produced in an elastic, resistant and fast-drying fabric. It closes at the instep and offers a comfortable feeling. Light and portable, you can put it in your pocket.

The sole is made with two wear-resistant microfiber pads. It guarantees grip, helps to rotate and smoothes movements. The elastic part is enlarged and offers a secure and reliable fit that will not slip during the dance. It can be slipped on and taken off easily without annoying ties between the fingers.

4. Tanzmuster Marine Classical Dance Body

The short-sleeved ballet bodysuit with incorporated skirt combines elegance and comfort. It is suitable for both lessons and dance performances.

The skirt sways gracefully as you dance. The shiny and elastic fabric of the body ensures an optimal fit. Fabric composition: 86.2% polyamide, 13.8% elastane.

5. Little Princesses. The great summer ball

The little princesses organized a masked ball to greet the summer. It will be an unforgettable party, above all because three special princes will arrive …

6. Bloch Arise Ballerinas Girl

Type of flat shoes without heels suitable for half-toes. They are in leather and internally lined, they have an elastic on the instep to fit them perfectly.

They are ideal for starting a girl for dance and artistic gymnastics. The available numbers reach the size of 34.5 EU and you can choose between three different shades (pink, white and black).

7. Trousselier S95014 Wooden music box Sisters princesses

Here is a nice ragalo for a young girl. It is a magnetic wooden music box which, when it starts to play, makes the figurines dance.

The latter move and turn on themselves thanks to a magnet. The construction material is good quality painted wood. The girls will be enchanted to see the dancers dance.

8. The Turkish Emporium Velo decorated in chiffon for belly dancing

It is definitely a gift out of the ordinary for a friend who thinks she can appreciate it but also for you if you love this kind of article.

It is a beautiful chiffon veil with decorations on the edges that measures 114 × 228 cm. It is certainly an interesting gift that can make you want to learn belly dancing for a thousand and one nights.

9. Effea Sport Leather shoes for rhythm

High quality soft leather shoes with double drop-shaped bottom in non-slip rubber Elastic band at the instep.

With these shoes you will always feel safe and comfortable during your workouts. They are available in black or white, with sizes from 26 to 41.

10. Barbie DGW35 Ballet Wishes Doll

What to say? It is a collectible doll, an evergreen gift that is appreciated by all the fans of the famous doll. If there is also a passion for dancing, it is a winning combination. Wear a precious bodysuit with glittery details, a candid pink tutu, tights and pointe shoes.

A tiara and headband complete the true ballerina look. The arms allow you to reproduce the classic ballet pose.

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