And how to color them in!

First, the fonts…

Featured above, in order from left to right.

Galaxia | Kawaii Food II | Toy Cloud | Bow | Kawaii Eyes | Sweet Sky | Constellations Ostia
School Days | Mar Lizzy | Serenity Symbolism | Kawaii Food Font | Origami | Handy Social Icons

How to Color Them In

I use the fonts listed above, these watercolor brushes (because I love the water color look), and Photoshop to design stickers from these really cute dingbat fonts.

Solid Color

1. Pick your font and type a letter. I’m using Origami, the letter ‘D’, which gives us this awesome tyrannosaurus rex.

2. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the negative space around your dingbat, and then press SHIFT+CTRL+I to invert the selection, and make a new layer under the letter.

3. Fill in the selection with a watercolor brush on the new layer, so it’s behind the letter.

And you get a super cute dinosaur that was really easy to make!


1. I used the Toy Cloud font with the letter ‘d’ to get this adorable rainbow.

2. Like the dinosaur we’ll use the Magic Wand tool, but instead of selecting around the letter and inverting the selection, we’ll select the space inside of the area we want to color and then expand the selection by going to Select>Modify>Expand. I expand by 2px, just enough to ensure the color will bleed past the dingbat and not leave any white space. Make a new layer under the dingbat.

3. Fill in the selection with your color of choice on the new layer. Repeat until you’ve filled in all of the areas you’d like to be colored.

And now you have a fun and adorable rainbow sticker!


1. I used the Bow font, letter “c”, to make this preppy little bow.

2. This one I want to make patterned, so I’ll need it to be solid. To do so I select the inner portion like above, but don’t worry about expanding it, just add new layers below and use the paint bucket tool to fill selections in on those layers. I do this for all of the inner portions of the dingbat, grouping them into separate layers. Such as the tails being on one layer, the knot on another, the inner portions and outer portions separated.

3. Delete the letter, and delete the pieces of the bow you don’t like if you so choose, and you have what your bow will look like. Now it just needs some color!

4. Add a pattern or picture, or whatever you want to decorate your bow with, to a new layer on top of the bow. Make sure it covers all of the areas you want it to show up on your bow. For this bow I’m using a pattern from this Spring Garden pack. Right click on the layer with your pattern and select “Create Clipping Mask.” The pattern will no longer be visible in any of the negative space from the layer below, and our bow has a pattern!

5. Applying a color is super easy. I want the inner parts of the bow to have a pretty pink, so I selected those parts, hit Ctrl + J to give them their own layer, and with that layer selected went to Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay.

6. You can apply color overlays to multiple layers by simply right clicking on the layer to which you’ve already applied an overlay, selecting Copy Layer Style, and right clicking on another layer and selecting Paste Layer Style. I gave the tails this pretty light teal, and then quickly gave the knot the exact same color!

And there’s a pretty bow with a great pattern! I love using clipping masks, especially for stickers.

What kind of stickers do you use most in your planner?

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  • I love this post! I didn’t know you were in to planners!

    I usually don’t make my own stickers because it’s so time consuming. You make it look kind of easy though.

    • Using dingbats is super easy! And honestly weekly kits are a cinch, too, once you have the cut file created. I’m working on a post on that soon!

  • Awww this is so cool!!!! :D :D I don’t make my own stickers, but I kind want to give it a try now.

    • Thank you! I love using dingbat fonts for stickers, and it is so easy.

  • That is so cute! I wish I had a planner but I would never use it XD

    • Thank you! I didn’t think I’d use one much before I got mine because I rely so much on Google Calendar, but I got addicted to decorating it. And writing down and visually organizing dates and appointments helps me remember!