After a bit of a break in blogging I’m back, and ready to catch up! March feels like forever ago but it really isn’t. 2017 is going by so fast, but it’s definitely because of how much is going on these days. So much going on.

A Big Announcement

On Dr. Seuss’ birthday and World Book Day the kids got to dress up as a favorite Seuss character, so of course they wore their Thing shirts! I took the opportunity to make a fun announcement, Thing 4! We’re having a girl, due in late June, and I detailed my plans for her super cool celestial nursery here.

Andrew had been hoping for another boy, but I grew up in a family with four daughters and one son and I think it’s good for a boy to have a lot female influence in his life. If Logan is as sweet and caring and courteous as my older brother he’ll do just fine. Logan and Claire are excited about another younger sibling, but Julia has zero interest. I think it’s going to be hardest for her, she’s very used to being the baby of the family. Though if you ask her if she’s a baby she’ll tell you, “No! I’m Juju.”

Claire’s First Grade Musical

The entire first grade at Claire’s school put on a fantastic musical. It was all about some baby birds that were afraid to leave the nest, and they learned from several other kinds of birds, like swans and eagles and hummingbirds, that even though the big world can be scary it’s still worth it to get out there and make a go of it. The kids were delightfully terrible and so adorable. Exactly what an elementary school musical is all about. And thankfully our music teacher loathes the recorder, so hopefully we won’t ever have to endure that sort of torture.

More Teeth Gone

Claire’s first tooth loss was one of her front teeth, and not too long after that the second one started to loosen. It was pretty darn loose when she and her brother were rough housing and he accidentally ended up knocking it nearly entirely out. She actually already had an adult tooth coming in behind it. She went to the dentist to get some x-rays to make sure the adult tooth wasn’t damaged by the knock, and also to have the dentist pluck that baby tooth. It was literally barely hanging on but she refused to do it herself or let Andrew or I do it, so we had a professional handle it.

Then just a bit later Logan’s first tooth came out. To be honest Logan was not thrilled about losing his teeth. Autism always presents unique parenting obstacles, but I seriously didn’t foresee his baby teeth being one of them. Though I supposed I should have. Teeth are vital to our survival and honestly feel pretty darn permanent in our head. Imagine if our fingers fell off when we were young and we had to wait for them to grow back. Seems absurd to us, especially as compared to losing baby teeth, but that’s because we’ve lost our teeth. To a kid that’s never lost a tooth, yeah I can see how it can be worrisome. Still, I don’t think it was entirely necessary for Logan to scream, “Help me! I need a doctor, I’m dying!” repeatedly for a half hour, but hey, we all cope in our own ways . He’s since lost another, and Claire has lost both of bottom front teeth as well. The Tooth Fairy is getting to know our house pretty well.

Spring Break

Here in southeast Texas we have Spring Break crazy early, so going on vacation isn’t really feasible. We spent the week hanging out at the library, where Logan picked out a Twilight book from the little resell shop but I gently redirected him to A Wrinkle in Time, the pool, because it is early March but still eighty some degrees out, and trying to keep the kids from knocking the house down. Julia spent some good quality time in a box and chewing on coat hangers, as one does. Claire had lots of fun with her Kiwi Crate. The house managed to stay standing.

Happy 8th Birthday!

My niece celebrated her 8th birthday in March so we headed up to the American Girl store about an hour from home. It was a ton of fun! I don’t think we’ve actually gone to the American Girl store since Claire’s third birthday. We went to the cafe in Tyson’s Corner and she had fun but didn’t really play with her American Girl dolls until the last year, year and a half. I’m so glad she’s finally getting into them. I have so many great memories of my dolls, Kit and Samantha, of course, and my mom reading us the books and all of the accessories and clothes.

My niece picked up the gymnastics set for her doll to match her bar and beam and gymnastics equipment at home. My niece is a pretty awesome, state champion gymnast, and now so is her American Girl doll. Claire picked out some clothes and books for her for her birthday as well. Claire got an adorable ballet outfit for her doll and some books as well, but I was most excited about the Peek-a-Boo wellies and socks that I picked up for Claire and Julia. They’re the cutest little wellies ever! Julia is obsessed with them, she wants to wear them constantly, even on 80+° days when it’s really not feasible. I just love how you can make them match anything and everything simply by wearing different socks. The socks we got from American Girl are adorable, but the girls have a ton of tall socks and tights so they really enjoy mixing and matching with them.

I can’t believe March was two months ago, and that I have slacked off so much on blogging! But here’s to catching up and recapping April next.

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