February has been a quiet month. I’ve spent most of the month resting and trying to recover from my hospital stay in January, plus fighting this ridic bout of bronchitis that’s been hanging out for three weeks. The kids have had a great time with school activities and Valentine’s Day though.

100 Day at School

100 Day is the one hundredth day of school, if that wasn’t obvious, and it’s typically recognized by various activities involving 100. Kindergartners are often tasked with the project of making something using one hundred of something. I loved 100 Day when I was in kindergarten. I used 100 Lego to build an execution chamber, replete with a little Lego minifig in a brown chair with gray pipe pieces for a real electric chair look. Yeah. I couldn’t imagine my kids taking something like that to school let alone building it. The best part is that not only did my mom help me build it, the teachers picked it as their favorite project

Nowadays the projects are typically posters and shirts and there are tons of cute ideas out there. This year Logan wanted to make a poster that involved a rocket ship, so we went 100 stars. I intended to buy some glitter foam star stickers from Michael’s but apparently waiting until the day before the project was due (in my defense my strep/mono combo kind of ruined my plans to get it done earlier) wasn’t the wisest course of action as all of the foam stickers were sold out. Silhouette to the rescue. I cut out one hundred (and ten, just in case) stars from yellow cardstock and had Logan put them on with scrapbooking dot stickers. He had a ton of fun, and it was definitely a lot easier than the 100 cupcake stickers I made for Claire. For those I used my Silhouette to cut out 100 brown cupcake bottoms, 100 cupcake frosted tops in 10 different patterns, and attached them to a foam dot adhesives. 100 3d cupcake stickers custom made . I was definitely happy that Logan wanted a much more low key project.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was so busy at the school. I made a dozen gifts for the kids’ teachers. Logan has his special education teacher, his general education teacher, his two paraprofessionals, and his speech therapist and his occupational therapist. Julia has her two classroom teachers plus a paraprofessional and her speech therapist. Claire just has her teacher. She might be my favorite when the holidays roll around and teacher gifts need to be bought and made. I also had four parties to attend. Logan had a party with his special education class and his general education class. He didn’t stay long with his general education class, he wanted to get back with his friends in his special education classroom. Claire and Julia also had classroom parties. All four parties were scheduled for the same hour block. Fun!

Andrew and I exchanged typical cards and chocolates for Valentine’s Day and went out to dinner a few days afterwards because I hate going out on Valentine’s Day proper. So busy and annoying.

One Year Since Duncan Passed

February 19th marked a year since we lost our pup, Duncan. He was a very loved pupper and we all still miss him. The kids lately have been asking about getting another dog but they want a dog like Duncan and I don’t know if my heart can take it. I think in a few months we’ll head over to the shelter and meet some dogs.

Do you like to go out on Valentine’s Day

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