The trailer for Starz’ upcoming American Gods series is here!

American Gods is based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name. It centers on an ex-convict, Shadow Moon, who after release from prison is offered a decent gig as bodyguard to an elderly, apparent con artist. Shadow quickly finds himself caught up in a world of magic and mysticism that is tearing itself a part.

I’ve talked about American Gods, a lot, but this new trailer shows that Starz is really doing this show right. Which we all knew when they cast Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday. I’m also very impressed with Ricky Whittle as Shadow. He’s definitely bulked up and cuts an impressive figure, I rescind my previous assertions he wouldn’t look the part of Shadow Moon (and I’m so thankful Starz didn’t cast a white dude, though I do still think Shadow is Native).

Besides Shadow, Laurie, and Wednesday we also get a look at our old and new gods. The eternal Cloris Leachman is gorgeous as Zorya Vechernyaya, and Peter Stormare, the creepy dude we all know from somewhere, is borderline demented with his sledgehammer as Czernobog, which is of course just right.

I do like that Technology is getting a modern update. A lot has changed in tech in the last 16 years and the internet is no longer reserved for chubby basement dwellers in their Matrix get up trawling through Geocity homepages dedicated to science fiction plot holes. A vaping, Instagram worthy, coifed fuckboy is perfect for our Millenial times.

There’s also a ton of artistically over the top gore and blood, but what else could you expect from Bryan Fuller? It seems Hannibal was his restrained-for-network-television vision, on premium cable he’s even more over the top. But it’s just right for the epic battle that rages in plain sight.

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