Visit to Galveston

While Andrew’s family was still in town we decided to head down to Galveston to check out the beach. I’m not really a fan of the public beaches in Galveston. We usually go to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens, or the state park. But there was some miscommunication about where we wanted to go and half of the family thought we were going to the beach and the other half, myself included, thought we were going to the aquarium. So we went to the aquarium first, but Moody Gardens’ aquarium is under construction and getting tickets was a hassle so we ended up in search of a nearby beach. We landed on Stewart Beach. Really, really not a fan. But we went and the kids had fun and that’s what matters.

Julia Started School

Last November we had Julia evaluated because she wasn’t using expressive communication in a developmentally normal way. It was determined she would need speech therapy and in immersion classroom to help her reach a normal level of speech, and preferably be mainstreamed by kindergarten. As Logan, our son, is autistic and has apraxia of speech, we’re pretty used to preschool at an early age and therapy. Julia has been desperately wanting to go to school for awhile. She loves to visit her brother and sister at school and hates leaving. She cannot wait to pick them up from school. She wants to carry a backpack and lunchbox and walk into those big doors and sit at a desk, so on her very first day she was so excited she couldn’t stop smiling.

We had lunch with the big kids before Julia’s school day started.

What Julia Wore

Logan’s Citizenship Award

Logan won the Citizenship Award for the second nine weeks at school. He got to accept his award in front of the rest of the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classes. Standing in front of everyone was a bit difficult for him and he had to go sit down with his special education class before all of the names were called, but he went up there and accepted that award! So proud!

Logan is in red.

Claire’s Birthday

Claire is seven!

Donut cake and Olive Garden and getting her ears pierced and a kayak for her American Girl doll! So much fun!

Logan’s Birthday

Logan is six!

We went to dinner at Logan’s, because of course, and we saw Rogue One for the third time. Logan got more Magnaformers, because that’s so needed, and had a fantastic birthday.

My Birthday and Hospital Stay

Towards the end of January I was starting to feel that tell tale ache in the back of my throat. I’ve been struggling with recurrent bouts of strep throat for the last year, it is time to get my tonsils out. This time I developed a large, deep abscess and had to be hospitalized to have it treated. It was not pleasant, it ruined my birthday dinner, and it was so deep it couldn’t be needle aspirated. I had that done to a smaller, more superficial abscess I developed last year (seriously, time for these tonsils to go). With needle aspiration they numb the back of your throat (with needles ) and then poke the abscess with a giant needle and draw all of the yuckiness out. Since they couldn’t access the abscess with a needle they did what’s called a lance and spread. That’s where they use a scalpel to cut the tissue – read: my throat – above the abscess and then use spreaders to widen it so that the abscess can drain. It as horrifically unpleasant as it sounds to have a gaping wound in your mouth that is draining grossness into the back of your throat. Happy birthday to me!

How was your January?

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