One of my loose goals for 2017, as I have never been very good at setting, let alone keeping, resolutions, was to try to blog more. I’ve blogged for 15+ years and I’ve always loved the community and outlet that comes with it. Lately I barely blog, and it’s not for lack of passion. I still post my screeds on Facebook about a recent show or movie or political event and I think, “I should blog about this.” But that just never materializes. Blogging from my phone just isn’t practical. When I open my laptop I’m inevitably distracted by my email inbox. When I sit down in front of my desktop I just can’t resist the siren call of Photohshop and my Silhouette and those hundreds of projects on my to-do list, which I really want to blog about! But looking back over my Achievement posts from 2016 and seeing a little capsule of everything that happened over the course of a year made me realize how fast the year passed. It reminds me of one of my favorite little sayings, something I picked up when Claire was a baby and has always helped me to try to maintain a bit of perspective: The days are long but the years are short.

January 2016

Our first full month in Houston. We celebrated three birthdays: Claire’s 6th, Logan’s 5th, and mine (Burrito pen organizer was one of my favorite gifts!).

February 2016

We lost our dog, Duncan, which was hard and nearing a year later still very much so. We visited the Houston Zoo. I marched in New Orleans with my older sister and brother-in-law and visited the French Quarter.

March 2016

We celebrated Easter with my twin sister and older sister and their families. Lots of kids and lots of candy. Claire started soccer and had a ton of fun.

April 2016

My twin sister, Claire, and I flew home to northern Virginia to visit my aunt while she was in the hospital. While we were there we visited DC with my grandmother, aunt, and cousin.

May 2016

Mother’s Day brought many gifts from the kids. Logan graduated preschool and Claire graduated kindergarten.

June 2016

Last day of school for Claire and Logan and last day of daycare for Julia! To kick off the summer we went out to visit my older sister in Biloxi for the week and towards the end my twin sister and her family joined us and we made our way out to Pensacola, FL.

July 2016

We celebrated the 4th of July in Mississippi with my twin sister and older sister at Flint Creek. My older sister came to Texas to celebrate Julia and my niece’s birthdays with my twin sister and I. Claire decided she wanted a pixie cut and purple hair.

August 2016

First day of kindergarten for Logan and first grade for Claire! Logan starts flag football, he’s disappointed he can’t tackle anyone. We visited Moody Gardens Palm Beach for the Adaptive Water Sports Festival, Logan got to go kayaking and sailing in the bay.

September 2016

Andrew celebrated his birthday and I ruined his cake but it’s a homemade spice cake so he isn’t allowed to complain. Claire and Logan had picture day at school and went to Home Depot for a fun workshop.

October 2016

Lots of fall festivals and visiting the pumpkin patch. Wine stomping and tasting festival. Logan’s homecoming game. Halloween!

November 2016

My cousin, Isabelle, came to visit us. We got to celebrate her birthday and Thanksgiving together. We went to visit Rocket Park and see the Saturn V rocket, it’s massive. Thanksgiving! There was a lot of food and people – my twin sister and her family, my older sister and her family, our cousin, plus my friend and her family, made for 9 adults, 8 children, and 2 teens – and of course football. We got the tree up and decorated for Christmas.

December 2016

Andrew and I took the kids to see Rogue One. Much good. We celebrated with friends on Christmas Eve. Santa visited on Christmas day. Two days later we exchanged gifts with my twin sister and her family. And then two days after that it was time to make merry with Andrew’s family, who came to visit us from Virginia and North Carolina. We rang in the New Year at Johnson Space Center and Carrabba’s.

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