Grimm has returned for it’s sixth, and final (at least with NBC, still hoping someone else picks it up) season. The first episode started off with a bang but I was left with a lot of questions so I waited until the second episode to revisit my predictions.

Prediction 1: Eve is Gone and Juliette is Back

This does to appear to be coming true. In the first episode Eve was having trouble woging and it was revealed that her soul might have been made pure when she was touched with Nick’s magic stick1. In the second episode it is shown that she is having feelings again, and she describes it to Nick as being two different people. Certainly seems like Juliette is coming back, but at the same time Eve is sticking around. So I’m going to say half right here.

Prediction 2: Adalind is Swayed to Renard’s Side

I am super stoked that I was wrong here. Adalind is still firmly by Nick’s side and Nick is also clearly still in love with her. At the end of episode 2 though it was obvious that she was stuck in the house with Renard and there are a few more episodes left this season, so I’m worried the ship won’t make it all the way

Prediction 3: Renard is the Big Bad

Uh, yeah. Renard’s response to killing Bonaparte under Diana’s influence is to pin it on Nick. He steps into Bonaparte’s position in Black Claw and immediately utilizes his position in the police force to pursue Nick. The cops that Wu killed at the precinct are blamed on Nick and a manhunt is kicked off, with Renard ordering other cops to shoot to kill if Nick resists. There’s a moment in the second episode where it might be possible for Renard and Nick to work together for mutual benefit – Adalind testifying as an alibi for Renard after he’s arrested by Hank and Wu for the murder of Rachel Cook, and Renard dropping the charges against Nick – but Renard pulls one over on Nick and the gang with his Black Claw connections. Now Hank and Wu are possibly off the force and Nick is still hunted, and Renard is exactly where he wants to be.

Predicition 4: Nick Will Get Kelly Back, but Not Adalind

It’s definitely too early to call this one, but since Adalind and Kelly and Diana are still stuck in the house with Renard for their own safety – Nick can’t really provide a safe and stable place for them while he’s on the lam – it doesn’t seem like there will be a totally happy ending for this big, weird family. Plus there’s still Diana, whose powers are only growing.

Prediction 5: Rosalee and Monroe Rock

This will always be right.

  1. Hehehehe, I’m terribly immature. 

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  • I’ve never watched Grimm, but I always hear awesome things about it!! I’ll have to check it out soon, I’m intrigued by this magic stick?