Wait, what? 2016 is over already? It seems like it was over in a flash. I’m hoping 2017 is gentler and maybe a bit slower.

Lunch at School

Another visit to see the big kids during lunch! In January Julia will be going to school with the big kids for special education preschool and she’ll be eating her own lunches in the cafeteria. It’s crazy to think about her going to school, she seems so small! But Logan started school around the same age as he was born in January and went to special education preschool straight from early intervention, starting his first year the August after he turned 3. Julia will be receiving special education services on the basis of a language delay. Unlike Logan, who has apraxia, a neuromotor disorder that hampers his expressive speech, Julia is physically capable of forming the elements of speech. She just doesn’t. Which really says a lot about Julia. I love that kid but she took her stubbornness from her father and I and then multiplied it. She’ll be receiving speech therapy and immersion with her peers so hopefully we’ll see a language explosion soon.

Rogue One

We saw Rogue One! Because of course we did. We went for a Sunday matinee on opening weekend hoping it wouldn’t be as crowded. While it was definitely a lot fuller than one would expect from a 10:30 am showing on a Sunday, it wasn’t so full we couldn’t find decent seats for all of us. Claire and Logan were very excited to see the movie, and while Julia was excited at the beginning her interest did wane. She spent the last half of the movie under Andrew’s seat with my phone on silent which was surprisingly a pretty decent setup. There was zero light to disturb anyone and she was far quieter than the other young kids in the theater. I don’t think we’ll be taking her to see another movie in theaters again soon though, she just doesn’t have the attention span right now. Not all kids are like Logan who can laser focus on things that truly interests him.

A little disappointed you can’t see my super awesome, sparkly Darth Vader shirt in that picture but I wear it all the time anyways so I’ll have to remember to get a shot of it because I love it.


Christmas was a lot of fun, and a lot of clean up this year. On Christmas Eve we had close friends over for dinner. I made pork pies and they turned out ah-mazing. Seriously, I’m in love and not only do we have a new Christmas Eve tradition but I’ll also be making them again very soon. I made a double batch of the pork filling to freeze so that’ll be a fantastic lazy dinner in the coming weeks. The kids each got to open a small Christmas Eve present and then it was time for bed so Santa could visit!

Santa brought entirely too much stuff again this year (there’s a lot of space behind the tree where the larger presents are lurking, like Logan’s 4-foot Darth Vader ). But that’s what happens when Santa starts trying to make sure the kids each get the same amount of gifts and stumbles upon something one of them just has to have because it’s perfect and they’ll love it and look now the others need another gift, too. Santa was banned from Amazon for the three weeks leading up to Christmas! Andrew made a duck and baklava from his Russian cookbook he’s had since we were in college. I love that Christmas traditions we started as a couple of youngins in our tiny little studio apartment can now be shared in our home with our kids.

After opening our presents from Santa and our immediate family we had Christmas Part II with my side of the family. My sister and brother-in-law and nieces were traveling for the holidays so when they got back into town we had our own little festivities. More presents! And more wrapping paper and bows and ribbon and boxes! Coupled with all of the boxes from deliveries we were left with so much recycling that was definitely not fitting into our green bin, even though it’s one of the large wheely bins. We packed it all up in the back of the van, and it took up all of the cargo space from the second row back (with the third row folded down) and hauled it all over to the recycling center. Much excitement.

And then Andrew’s family came into town and it was time for Christmas Part III! Andrew’s parents, brother, sister, and his sister’s husband were able to visit us for a week and it was a great time. While they were here we went to visit the…

Space Center Houston

We live about five minutes away from the Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston, the museum, is one of the kids’ favorite places to go.

We had a lot of fun and I’m already working on a post about the Space Center because it definitely needs its own.

New Year’s Eve

It was the last day of 2016 and we spent it at the Space Center and eating dinner at Carrabba’s. Then we all went home and were in bed by 9pm, because we roll hard like that.

How was your December?

Are you excited about 2017? I know we are! I can’t wait to get the posts about Space Center and a 2016 recap up. These monthly achievements make for a wonderful source to look back on and see a recap of the entire year. I look forward to continuing the tradition in 2017.

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    Sounds like you had a great Holiday season :)