It was that time of year when most of my evenings after the kids are in bed are spent on the floor of my walk in, wrapping dozens of presents and staring at my phone to distract me from the mind numbing task at hand. I guess there are people out there that enjoy folding crisp lines and taping paper down and curling ribbon and attaching bows and name tags, but despite my obsession with pretty presents I am definitely not one of those people. Netflix has saved my sanity many a Christmas, and this year it was replete with binge worthy sci-fi offerings. I started with Spectral and 3%, but all of that was put on hold when I started Crazyhead on a whim and immediately fell in love.

All About Crazyhead

Crazyhead follows Raquel, on the left, and Amy, on the right, two bad ass demon hunters that most consider to be suffering from hallucinations but in fact can see the true form of possessed humans. Raquel encounters Amy on a night out and introduces her to the truth of her abilities and the world of demons around them. Joined by Amy’s rather forward, but adorably annoying, coworker the gang work to protect those closest to them from the demons that set their targets on the “seers” all while keeping Raquel’s overprotective brother in the dark.

Why You Should Watch It

From peeing on your best friends to pervy sidekicks and evil masterminds so flamboyantly over-the-top it’s impossible not to have fun, Crazyhead is the perfect blend of hilarity and humanity with a pinch of creepiness mixed in. It’s been described as Buffy meets Misfits, which is actually pretty perfect considering it comes from the creator of Misfits, a ridiculously enjoyable show that deserved so much more, but alas the talent deserved just as much.

Raquel is quirky and lovable wearing an armor of caustic wit over her vulnerable misgivings and self-doubt. Also she has a baton and she’s isn’t afraid to use it. Amy has spent most of her life convinced she’s truly crazy and medicates herself to keep her horrifying visions at bay. When she stumbles on Raquel handling a demon at the club one night she’s tossed into a world she’s always seen but never known. Together they struggle to strike a balance in their partnership, the demon attacks certainly don’t help, but in the end find that they are exactly what they both need.

For the first season there are only six 45-minute episodes But hopefully season two will be here soon! If you have an evening and would like to be thoroughly entertain I literally cannot recommend Crazyhead enough.

Rating: All of the stars!

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  • Mariah Kaercher

    This sounds really cool! I’ll add it to my watch list.

    • Oh let me know what you think :D

  • Awww this sounds cool! :) I’m adding it to my watchlist on Netflix :D :D :D

    • Yay! I hope you like it as much as I do [=