I loved, loved, loved this month’s bag! It’s so awesome! Pearly pink and covered with spooky cute drawings? It’s like Ipsy dug into my brain to find something I would positively adore. It definitely makes up for September’s bag which I couldn’t even bother to blog about because I didn’t like really anything I got and the bag was just hideous. I’ve given away all of my Ipsy bags, mostly to my daughter and niece, except August’s mermaid bag and now October’s.

theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy Blush

I only got a small sample of this blush and though I wish it had been a bit bigger, at least a deluxe sample size, I did like it a lot! It is a warm, shimmery color that gives you a natural looking flush with the perfect amount of sparkle for a night out, of which I definitely need more. The packaging is very retro and so cute. I really like this blush seems to last and last, it would really stand up well to a night out.

essence cosmetics superfine eyeliner pen waterproof

Another stark black eyeliner Why you do this to me Ipsy? What is the point of the beauty quiz if you still get products in which you have indicated you have zero interest? It’s especially frustrating when I see all of the awesome products I could have gotten instead! I would have loved this Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Grand Central. Unlike black eyliners I literally cannot have enough chromatic nail polishes. Also Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my favoritest fragrances ever and a(nother) rollerball would have been a perfect addition to my purse and makeup bag and carry on. Why you doing this to me Ipsy?!?

Not interested in eyeliner, definitely not interested in black eyeliner.

Sally’s Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream

I love a good face product, and though my skincare routine is pretty set I do have a “combination” face (read: it decides when it wants to be oily or dry or normal and often all three of those at the same time) so I’m always on the lookout. This gel cream is like no other face lotion I’ve used. It’s literally a gel and cream hybrid. It has a smooth and even sort of cold feel but it’s consistency is heavier than a gel while not suffocating like a great cream. I’ve been using it in the morning after washing my face and it was like splashing my face with a sinkful of cool water à la those entirely unrealistic face wash commercials but not nearly as inconvenient. I really like that I can use this around my eyes as most products you can either use it in this sensitive area or you can use everywhere else, not both. An entirely different set of products for a tiny half circle under each eye does not help maintain my already overflowing bathroom cabinets. Though it is helpful that Sally’s Box let’s us know we can use this product under they eye while also reminding us not to actually put it on the eye. Alright, dullards? UNDER the eye, not IN your eye.

MeMeMe Blush Brush

A good blush brush is always welcome. I have an Aveda Uruku Bronzing Brush I’ve been using for blush because I’m just in love with it and I’m terrible at using makeup brushes for their specific purposes. I will probably stay with my Aveda kabuki brush because I really like my blush to make a wide, light swath over my cheekbones, it looks more natural for me, but if I paid more attention to contouring the more focused application of this brush would be perfect.

Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face Face Primer

I’m sure this is a great primer. I’ve read plenty of reviews that say it does it’s job exactly as one would hope from a primer. But I can’t honestly say whether or not it does because I could not bring myself to put it on my face. It is supposed to have a “light eucalyptus scent” but as soon as I opened I felt like I’d crawled inside of a koala’s mouth. I’m not a fan of eucalyptus scent anyways, but the smell of this was just overpowering for me no matter what. I prefer a primer that doesn’t have any scent, after all it’s just there to prime.

Besides 2/5 of the products being kind of useless I was really happy with this bag, and I’m also really looking forward to my November bag! If you like my Ipsy reviews and you’d like to give Ipsy a try I’d greatly appreciate you using my referral link to sign up

Did you get an October Ipsy bag? What was your favorite product?

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