November has been ridiculously busy as we gear up for the holiday season. There’s a lot going on at the kids’ school and around the house, but I still want to get my October Achievement post up because I am so close to an entire year of these.

Grape Stomp Festival @ Water 2 Wine

In early October my friend and I went to the 2016 Grape Stomp Festival at localy winery Water 2 Wine. I don’t know what I was expecting but stomping the grapes was super gross. It probably didn’t help that I had stepped on a slug while barefoot in my driveway a few nights before, because that horrible squishy sensation was all I could think of when stomping on the grapes. I’m glad I did it, but I won’t be doing it again. We did have awesome wine, though! We got to pick a bottle of our favorite offerings from the winery with a custom label on it. My favorite ended up being Black Cherry Blast. It tasted like grape juice but had a decent alcoholic content, basically the only kind of alcohol I like.

Lunch at School

Andrew switched companies in October so he ended up with a lot of time off, something he almost never has. We took advantage of that one Friday and went to the school to have lunch with the kids. I try to do that every now and then, but it’s definitely a lot easier to lug a bunch of food and a toddler into the cafeteria with two parents. Andrew picked Subway because it’s like he doesn’t even care that Chick-fil-a is our tradition. If only Chipotle opened before 11 because the kids lunch is crazy early (10:40 for Logan and 11am for Claire). Their lunch times are back to back with some overlap, though, so that’s nice. The kids enjoyed their subs and toys and it was nice to have lunch together as a family.

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

The Clear Lake United Methodist Church, where Claire played soccer and we’ve attended church a few times, it’s a truly wonderful community, has a wonderful pumpkin patch every year to benefit local charities. We went to visit the pumpkin patch on the weekend of their harvest festival and we had a lot of fun picking out pumpkins and jumping in the bounce houses and riding a train and even visiting baby animals.

The big kids waited in line all on their own while I stood in line for the toddler’s bounce house with Julia. They all had a really great time!

This was around the time of Logan’s bout with strep and you can really see how swollen his neck and lymph nodes were.
Poor guy, no wonder he had the little girls pulling him around.

Logan’s Homecoming Game

The week of Logan’s homecoming game he came down with strep throat. Unfortunately it caused a secondary infection near his tonsils and we had to go to the hospital to have it aspirated. His face was really swollen for about a week afterwards, and though I hate to see my boy sick it did remind me so much of when he was just a little, chubby-faced toddler. After his abscess was apsirated he got a shot of penicillin, much better in my opinion than trying to force a kid to stick to a ten-day antibiotic regimen, and we headed home. His lymph nodes stayed pretty enlarged for a while afterwards and he wasn’t able to play in his homecoming game, but he did go and support his team in their awesome win. Texas has this homecoming tradition called homecoming mums. They’re like huge corsages, and I mean huge, that girls wear around their necks and boys wear on their arms. Some are very intricate and large and include lights and teddy bears and stuff. It was my very first time making one so I was aiming smaller but I was really proud of how it came out. Logan loved it, too, and was so happy to have his sisters wear it and show it off.

Halloween Happenings

The weekend before Halloween we visited three different harvest festivals, a definite upside to having so many churches nearby, where the kids go to play and go trunk-or-treating and visit with friends. Their favorite was at the Presbyterian church across from our neighborhood. It’s a big church and had several large inflatable slides and and obstacle courses as well as rock-climbing and zip lining and, of course, trunk-or-treating. On Halloween night we went trick-or-treating in a group with my sister and brother-in-law and their two daughters. Julia was Thor, Logan was a clone trooper, and Claire was a witch George Washington pirate Princess Bubblegum vampire mummy zombie.

October was a super fun month and we still have a ridiculous amount of Halloween candy I’m probably going to end up stuffing into some Christmas stockings. Santa is a frugal guy, you know.

How was your October? Did you celebrate Halloween?

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