The 12th season of Supernatural premiered on CW on Thursday night. Did you watch? Season 11 ended on two very big cliffhangers: Was Sam shot by the British Men of Letters representative and omigosh is that MAMA WINCHESTER?

Spoilers for Supernatural Season 12, Episode 1 “Keep Calm and Carry On” Ahead

The short answer to both of those is: yes.

Mary Winchester is back after three decades of death and she’s a little out of sorts. Dean of course instantly recognizes her but she isn’t quite sure who he is so she shows that her bad ass hunter skills are still as sharp as ever by taking him right down. Dean has to explain to Mary who he is and what has happened, including her death, their journey as hunters, and John’s death. Mary is disappointed to discover that her children had ended up hunters. She had left that life behind for her children, and now they were right in the thick of all of it. Dean comforts her, let’s her know that it’s for the best. They’re hunters and they’ve done a whole lot of good. They’ve stopped an apocalypse *cough*that they created*cough* and saved lives, and of course we get to hear the great line, “Hunting things, saving people.”

While Dean is having a heart to heart with Mary, who is experiencing a bit of culture shock from all of the technology abound in the modern era1, poor Sam was shot in the leg, patched up by a veterinarian, and transported to a farmhouse where he’s tortured by the British Men of Letters. They went to start running America like they do Britain. In Britain monster hunting is organized and highly skilled. There hasn’t been a monster related death in decades, unlike America where it seems people are killed pretty much constantly by things that go bump in the night. But there’s one thing the British Men of Letters needs to remember.

America is massive. When we have states bigger than your entire country, which is an island, I think you need to cut us a bit of slack in the monster wrangling department. If you want to start handling the hunting on this continent, knock yourself out, just take the size and vastness into account. I have feeling the Brits will realize they’ve taken on a pretty big task soon enough. Especially considering Sammy’s resistance to physical and mental torture. Blowtorch to the feet is nothing compared to what Lucifer can dole out I suppose.

Speaking of Lucifer, he’s stirring stuff up again. Crowley is hot on his tail the entire episode before he confronts a few Lucifer loyalists. Again with this? How many times does Lucifer have to lose before people stop supporting him? Well I guess Crowley has had his own stumbles, but he does always get back up.

The season opener had torture and death and maiming, everything you’d expect from a decent Supernatural season opener. Which is great considering how underwhelming the season eleven finale was. Episode two is airing on Thursday and stars Rick Springfield as Lucifer.

Best Moment of the Episode

Dean realizing why his mother was gazing longingly into the backseat of the Impala.

  1. But not necessarily the angel or the talk of God and Lucifer, those she takes in a stride like a hunter likely would. 

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