Yay, another Geek Girls x Bloggers swap!

If you are’t already a member, you should be! Geek Girls x Bloggers is a great group of awesome ladies that get together to geek out, share posts, converse about all aspects of fandom, and yes, swap goodies on occasion. I wrote previously about our totally awesome Funko Pop! swap.

The Halloween swap was just as rad and I was matched with Ashlee from Her Geekery (I sent her a package) and Nichole from CuppaGeek (I received a package from her).

Halloween Goodies

I received such awesome Halloween goodies from Nichole. So much candy! I’m a huge fan of candy corn – and anyone who isn’t is wrong about life – so of course I love, love, love the super tasty bag I got. Also there was some candy corn cotton candy my kids nicked from the box before I got a chance to get a picture of it. It was pretty delicious though! The bags of candy were filled with Snickers and those are probably my favorite chocolate bar so it was just meant to be

The kids and I painted the scarecrow ceramic ornament and he’s sitting on the mantle with Mr. Pumpkin Head and some other spooky decorations (but not my spooky village, because though I buy additions every year I’m waiting for my kids to outgrow their terrible Godzilla stages before I set it out). I can’t wait to wear my super cool candy corn socks out trick-or-treating with the kids tonight, and I’ll probably take along some of the delicious teas Nichole sent me. I am very excite to try out the chai, I love, love, love a good chai! And I’m all stocked up on my pumpkin eggnog, which is a must for any fall chai in my opinion.

This is Halloween

I am so excited Halloween is finally here. The kids are going to have so much fun dressing up – Claire is a zombie (a change that happened just a few days ago, of course), Logan is a clonetrooper, and Julia is Thor. The Geek Girls X Bloggers swap just added to the Halloween fun this year. Make sure you check out Ashlee, Nichole, and the group!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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  • Mariah Kaercher

    Candy corn is delicious.

  • Dawww so cute!!! Plus yummy Candy Corn <3