We’re in a lengthy lull between seasons of Game Of Thrones, but with news beginning to trickle out about filming for season seven, fans are already getting excited. There’s widespread belief that we’ll finally start to see some conclusive endings to major storylines next summer when the show is back on the air. And even though fans are lamenting the approaching end of it all, the remaining action is bound to be thrilling.

Right now there are a lot of theories flying around the internet. But here, just for fun, we want to take a look at a few loose ends that some viewers may have forgotten about, and that could play into the season seven plot lines.

Gendry’s Role

Earlier this year, before the bulk of season six was released, I came across an article looking at forgotten Game Of Thrones characters, and Gendry was among them. Most of the list’s characters were actually addressed during season six, but Gendry—the illegitimate son of the late King Robert—is still out there somewhere. He wasn’t ever a major character, but he was a little bit of a fan favorite and his bloodline could be important. Plus, he’s a natural ally for Arya. Gendry could very well come roaring back into the story in a perfectly natural manner.

Nymeria’s Whereabouts

Speaking of allies for Arya, one has been missing since the middle of season one! It may be a little bit fuzzy in your memory, but when Arya’s direwolf Nymeria stirred up some trouble, Cersei demanded that a direwolf be executed. However, Arya had forced Nymeria to run away by then, so the queen killed Sansa’s wolf instead. Nymeria, then, remains out there (and in the books, rumored to be leading a massive pack of wolves). So far the direwolves have actually been relatively ineffective, but it still feels like there’s an important reunion coming with Nymeria.

The Debt To Braavos

I might have forgotten about this one were I not such an obsessed Thrones fan. Browsing through the details on an online game based on the series, however, I noticed that one of the bonus features involves spinning a rare Braavosi coin. That makes the slot reel more interesting, to be sure, but it also calls to mind the enormous debt that King’s Landing is said to have to the Iron Bank of Braavos. That could come back to bite Cersei Lannister if the show decides to mix some complex politics in with the coming battles. Plus, Daenerys probably has to pass by Braavos on her way to King’s Landing. It could be that an annoyed Iron Bank owed significant riches by Cersei could become a valuable ally.

Jorah’s Devotion

This isn’t quite a loose end, but I can’t help but feel people are already forgetting about Jorah Mormont. He was essentially cast away by Daenerys with a command to cure his (allegedly incurable) greyscale disease before returning to her—and that probably matters. It’s anybody’s guess what will happen to Jorah, but it’s likely meaningful that Daenerys’s most devoted servant is roaming the world, largely forgotten.


The idea of the “Clegane Bowl” was such a popular theory last season that it became its own meme. The idea was that Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane would represent Cersei in a trial by combat against the church—who could have been represented by Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, who incidentally had taken up with a pack of religious wanderers. Alas, it didn’t happen, and when I came across an article suggesting that the show had killed the idea, I was discouraged. But it seems that it only referenced this past season. The Clegane Bowl as imagined, in a trial by combat, can’t really happen anymore—but these two monstrous brothers could still meet during a battle.

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