It was the early 2000s, I was in high school, and it was a simpler time. I wore flared jeans and Hollister hoodies everyday, my Razr was the absolute coolest thing I ever owned, and there was this little television network called the WB. WB had some big, family-friendly hits like Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven, but it also had a lineup of darker shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel, Charmed, and Roswell. When I was a senior in high school a show called Supernatural premiered and I’ll admit it was Jared Padalecki’s turn as Rory’s first beau, Dean, on Gilmore Girls that originally made me tune in. Just look at these baby faces!

Supernatural is now set to premiere its 12th season, and honestly that’s amazing. Amazing because it made it through the WB and UPN1 merger that birthed the CW. Amazing because most people didn’t expect much from a monster-of-the-week show with story arcs about angels and demons. But here we are celebrating Supernatural Day exactly a month before the premiere of season 12. To mark the day I’ve compiled a list of my twelve favorite episodes from this TV juggernaut.

Spoilers ahoy!

The One With the Mr. and Mrs. Claus

‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’, Season 3 Episode 8

The Pagan gods in this episode always make me giggle. Sure they’ll brutally murder people, but there as wholesome as apple pie while doing it.

The One Where Dean Kept Dying

‘Mystery Spot’, Season 3 Episode 11

Poor Dean, so many awful, hilarious ways to die. My sister and I still always say “Pig in a Poke” to each other on Tuesdays. Also, “Sam Winchester cries his way through sex.”

The One Where Dean Was Afraid of Everything

‘Yellow Fever’, Season 4 Episode 6

So, so many great scenes. My favorite is when Sam and Dean are investigating a ghost at the factory and Sam turns around to find Dean only to see him running away.

The One Where Sam and Dean Aren’t Hunters

‘It’s a Terrible Life’, Season 4 Episode 17

Yuppy Dean is basic and it’s adorable. Corporate cog Sam is looks surprisingly good in pastel yellow.

The One Where Sam Has Genital Warts

‘Changing Channels’, Season 5 Episode 8

Really any episode with Gabriel in it is one of the best, but this is the best of those best. Sam and Dean have to act out every cliched television trope and they finally learn who Loki/Gabriel really is.

The One Where Sam Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice

‘Swan Song’, Season 5 Episode 22

This is likely the best episode of the series, though not exactly my favorite. Also Castiel says “assbutt,” which does make it a serious contender for my favorite.

The One Where Supernatural was Just a Show

‘The French Mistake’, Season 6 Episode 15

Oh Balthazar, my second favorite angel aside from Gabriel. Supernatural breaks the fourth wall so exquisitely I kind of wish there could be more than one episode.

The One With the Clowns

‘Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie’, Season 7 Episode 14

No one likes clowns. No one. They’re awful. I’m with Sam, I’ll shank a clown.

The One Where Charlie Kills the Wicked Witch

‘Slumber Party, Season 9 Episode 4

Charlie is awesome and Dorothy is badass and the Wicked Witch is surprisingly horrifying, but no match for awesome Charlie and Badass Dorothy.

The One Where Girls Skewer the Show’s Masculinity

‘Fan Fiction’, Season 10 Episode 5

Yassssss. Supernatural has flirted with their own fanfic before, but this episode showed just how in tune with their own audience and even their failings the show is. Probably another reason it’s entering its twelfth season.

The One Where Donna and Jody Kick Ass

‘Hibbing 911’, Season 10 Episode 8

I love Donna and Jody and every now and then we need a break from the boys so the girls can take care of business. I’d watch a spinoff with these two in a heartbeat.

The One That Stars the Impala

‘Baby’, Season 11 Episode 4

Baby was an unspoken character for eleven seasons, and this episode told from her perspective and narrated by Chuck/God is beautiful.

There have been rumblings that season twelve will be the show’s last, but I’ll consider it hogwash until anything is announced. I’d watch this show for another ten seasons if we could.

What are some of your favorite Supernatural episodes?

  1. UPN was another network that was the WB’s direct competitor. It even carried the final seasons of a few of WB’s hits, like Buffy and Roswell

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  • Kay

    I just can’t believe how long this show has been on! Seasons 1-5 are my most favorite, but there are definitely good & great moments from the later seasons as well. I just absolutely loved the storyline for the first five seasons. SO great.

  • I think you really nailed it with the best episodes there are! The first few are definitely my all time favorites.

  • This is cool! When Dean was afraid of everything was hilarious btw :) Hahaha. I have too many favorite episodes :)