Super sad news came out in late August that NBC’s Grimm‘s sixth season would be its last, and it would be shortened from 22 episodes to 13 and it won’t premier until January. It’s like why do I even own a TV if NBC is just going to go around ruining my life like this?

Grimm is a show about Nick Burkhardt, played by downright dashing David Giuntoli, a Portland homicide detective that learns after the death of his aunt that he is descended from a long line of monster hunters called Grimms. Based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm it had a pretty decent monster of the week setup, faltering now and then with some of the less plausible Wesen, a German word for creature used to denote those humans among us that are kind of like monsters but more like half animals and often pretty cool. The overall story arcs though have been fantastic though and the supporting cast is just as, and sometimes more so, compelling than whatever trouble Nick gets himself into.

I started watching the show when it first aired simply because I was working at DISH Network at the time and NBC sent us trainers a bunch of cool swag. I think it was like a mousepad, but whatever it was was enough to make me set my DVR. I fell off around season three but caught back up on Amazon Prime before season five premiered. I am so sad to see this show go because there just isn’t enough cool, supernatural-y shows that aren’t on CW or aimed at thirteen-year-olds. I’m hoping this petition can maybe sway Netflix to look at it, or even Prime or Hulu. Really anyone that’s not NBC because they don’t care about anything.

If we don’t get anything after this short last season I’ll be sad, but here’s what I think is going to go down in the possibly (most likely) last season of the show. If you haven’t watched up to the season five finale stop reading because there will obviously be spoilers.

Juliette is Back and Eve is Gone

During the season five finale Eve is wounded by Conrad Bonaparte and Nick tries to heal her with the magical stick he and Monroe found. For the rest of the episode she’s pretty useless, which is understandable, but she also seems confused and scared. Maybe she was just a bit shaken by her close call, or maybe the stick cured her of more than her wounds. While Nick did use the stick on Monroe’s blood poisoning and it didn’t change the fact that he’s a Blutbad, Monroe is a Blutbad by birth, it’s in his genetics. Eve/Juliette was a Hexenbiest because of the side effect of a spell, like it was a toxin almost. So while Eve/Juliette would still have her training, she wouldn’t have her powers, and that basically just makes her Juliette that knows kung fu. It also further complicates things with Nick and Adalind.

Adalind Will Be Swayed to Take Renard’s Side

Which brings me to my next prediction. If Juliette, the real Juliette, not Hexenbiest-that-kills-people’s-mothers Julliete or Hexenbiest-trained-to-be-a-supersoldier Juliette we’re supposed to call Eve, is back, what does that mean for Nick? Even if it doesn’t mean he’ll go right back to being in love with her, though season five dropped some obvious hints that even “Eve” was still in love with Nick, how would it look to Adalind from the outside? I’m Captain of the Nickalind vessel but writers have tendency to let the air out of those ship’s sails, so I don’t see it ending up that way. Though I hope! Not to mention her creepy, purple-eyed, super powerful daughter is doing everything she can to bring her mommy and daddy back together. Speaking of doing anything, would Diana be a threat to Kelly? Also, on whose side is Renard?

Renard is the Big Bad

The Wesen Power group and the shady government fronts have been pretty much neutralized. There are a lot of Black Claw out there but not a lot of leaders and that demotes them from a movement to a rabble. It seems like the season five finale stripped Nick and Renard of their respective shields and leaves them facing each other, finally reaching the point they both know they’ve been gravitating towards for years. I think maybe Renard will fall back on his royal lineage. The King is dead, the Council is gone, there’s a power vacuum and Renard is very good at exploiting those. Of course the stick will come into play, Nick trying to protect it from Renard while still trying to figure out exactly what it does and why it was hidden away.

Nick Will Get Kelly Back, but Not Adalind

If this is your last season and you only have half of the episodes you’re used to working with and you want to tie things up neatly you’re probably looking for a way to resolve some sticky situations you got your characters into when you thought you had more time to resolve them, and whose better at problem solving than King Solomon? While not literally suggesting they’ll cut the baby in half, I do think that since Adalind already has a daughter and Nick only has his son the writers might be drawn to the idea of having Kelly go with Nick. Especially if Diana, who is obviously willing to do anything, even murder, to keep her parents safe and together, puts together that Kelly is what keeps her mother drawn away from the happy little family she has always imagined for herself and her parents.

Rosalee and Monroe Continue to Be the Best

Rosalee is probably my favorite character on the show but it’s pretty close with Monroe and Monrosalee is the best ever. They’re a nice Wesen couple trying to live their life and their friend Nick just has zero chill. The season five finale has Rosalee revealing to Monroe that she is pregnant and they’re both adorable. It’s truly an inconvenient time, but from my experience pregnancy is pretty much never convenient. I can’t wait to see how their baby (or babies, because maybe a litter or something) play into the last season. Monrosalee and their mini better get a very happy ending.

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