Main Quest Line

Back to School

We took things easy in August after all of the traveling in July. Especially since we were gearing up for back to school! Claire and Logan moved over to the school in our new neighborhood it has a uniform dress code. Which I probably should have known before I went shopping for school clothes, but I did not. So I got to go school clothes shopping again , only this time it was a lot easier because Old Navy was having their uniform sale and I just grabbed the kids a dozen shorts and a dozen polos each. Problem solved. Until it cools down, but Academy sports is currently having a sale on their uniforms so I just picked up some Oxfords and uniform pants as well as jumpers for Claire, so we’re set again. I have to admit uniforms are really growing on me. The school only requires solid colors and I’ve stuck with the darker ones like navy, red, purple, hunter green, and burgundy. There’s a lot less stain treating and laundry is simple as I literally just tip them in a load. The kids are far better at picking out their own clothes Sunday night because it’s just a matter of grabbing a top and a bottom. We should have been doing this uniform thing for the last two years.

I broke out the vinyl to customize the kids’ pencil boxes. I wanted to add words to Claire and Logan’s boxes, like Kaison’s, but they didn’t want anything going over the unicorn or Darth Vader. Fine. Kaison’s is my favorite. To celebrate after the first day of school the kids got a bunch of blind collectibles they love. Shopkins, Yum Noms, and Toki Doki for Claire, with Lego minifigs and Minecraft figures for Logan.

Julia is enjoying being an only child for seven hours a day again. We celebrated the first day of school with breakfast at Chick-Fil-A after dropping the kids off and she forced herself to eat a piping hot nugget even though I warned her to let them cool and even encouraged her to just spit out. Nope, not Julia. She’ll power through the heat because once food is in her mouth it’s hers and no one can convince her to give it up even if it isn’t actually food.

The kids are loving their new school and Claire is doing great in first grade. Logan really enjoys splitting his time between his special education and general education classrooms and I’m really happy with how this school year is unfolding.

Side Quests

Moody Gardens Adaptive Watersports Festival

Logan was invited to the Adaptive Watersports Festival at Moody Gardens in Galveston. Moody Gardens is a really cool museum, aquarium, water park, golf course, and hotel wrapped in one. It has so much to offer and even though the kids and I have visited three times now so far we still haven’t even seen half of what they have to offer. The Adaptive Watersports Festival allowed special needs children and adults to experience watersports in a calm, less crowded environment. Unfortunately we got there too late for water ski sign ups, but Logan did get to go kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. As well as spend a few hours at the water park and artificial beach with the family. It was a great time and we’re so appreciative of everything Moody Gardens does for special individuals through their Hope Therapy initiative. Logan’s favorite part, aside from the water slides, was the sailing. We even saw dolphins!

Football Continues

Logan’s football team continued to practice three nights a week, an hour and a half or more at a time. Their coaches are doing a fantastic job helping these boys become better players and work together as a team. Logan is loving football!

August has been a busy month, but besides school stuff (I’m on the district’s Special Education PTA and liaison with the school’s PTA on their behalf, as well as room mom for Logan’s special education classroom), football stuff, and Claire prepping to graduate from her English riding lessons to jump lessons. Horses, football, and school, that’s August.

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