July was such a busy month for us. We went back to Biloxi for the 4th of July weekend; my older sister and her daughter then came from Biloxi to visit us for a week; it was my youngest daughter, Julia’s, third birthday and she had a joint party with my youngest niece, Lilly, who had her second birthday; we went to the lake and saw fireworks and visited the Children’s Museum and played lots of Pokemon Go!

Main Quest Line

Independence Day

To celebrate the Fourth of July I packed the kids into the van and along with my twin sister, brother-in-law, and their two kids we made a caravan out to Mississippi to pile into our older sister’s house with her husband and daughter. I would say it was terrible but honestly we love getting together. It’s a lot of people but it’s just a weekend. I don’t know that everyone would survive if we had to live like that, but for visits it’s great having a full house. One of the reasons I’m so glad we moved to Texas is that the kids get to grow up with their cousins. I remember how much I loved spending time with cousins as a kid, they’re like friends but better because they get how crazy your family is.

While visiting Mississippi we went to Flint Creek, a local reservoir with artificial beaches and a water park. The kids had a great time! It was super crowded though so my sisters woke up at like 5am to get up there as soon as the park opened and get a good spot. They not only got us one right by the water but also a covered picnic table with a grill. I don’t think I’m capable of waking up that early for a picnic spot, albeit one at which we spent all day, but I definitely appreciate the fact that my sisters can.

After an entire day of fun at the lake we caught the Biloxi fireworks show over the beach! We had planned to sit on the beach to watch them, but a parking garage across the street ended up offering the best view. Also no worries about terrible small children rushing towards the water for what is surely to be lots of fun but also death.

Julia & Lilly’s Birthday

July means birthdays for two little ladies! Julia turned three and Lilly turned two and we had another awesome joint birthday for them. Last year’s theme was Fun in the Sun and this year was Mermaids. The pool and slip’n’slide were big hits again this year, though down here in Texas we don’t have the hills we did in North Carolina. We added a slide for the pool and Andrew built the kids a big PVC sprinkler. Throw in the bubble maker and lots of cupcakes and you have a pretty awesome birthday party.

Side Quests

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Logan started football in late July. He’s on a flagger team and despite being upset about the fact that he can’t tackle anyone he’s really enjoying it. His coaches have been teaching the team the mechanics of the game and Logan figures that out quickly. Physically he’s not the fastest kid out there but a lot of that has to do with his physical delays, though I think he often gets distracted by all of the parents on the sideline, too. Andrew has been working with him on the weekends to help him concentrate, focus on running as fast as he can and getting off the line as quickly as possible. He’s the right tackle on their offensive team and actually does quite a good job of blocking, which isn’t really surprising considering his size. We just have to keep reminding him to not actually tackle people. In flag football they’re just supposed to kind of push each other, but not actually push down. I don’t know, it seems a lot more complicated than just letting them hit each other.

He’s a Texan, though. Which is a lot better than being a Cowboy – totally a team in their Little League. Andrew keeps buying Texan merch, which is ridiculously easy considering the fact that we live in Houston, but that doesn’t mean this household doesn’t bleed burgundy and gold. #HailToTheRedskins

Children’s Museum of Houston

I don’t really have a lot to say about the Children’s Museum. We’re usually big fans of such places, and this one is pretty big and has a lot of cool stuff, but it’s always so crowded and it’s hard to have fun. What’s worse are the pushy parents that think they and their kids and their strollers are more important than everyone else. We went because my niece Hailey hadn’t been, but we probably won’t go again. Though I did say that last time.

Claire’s Super Awesome Lavender Hair

Claire decided earlier in July that she wanted to cut her hair very short. We looked at some pictures of pixie cuts on Pinterest and after picking a rather fetching one of Michelle Williams sporting a shaggy pixie we headed out to the salon. She loved her short hair, and it looked great on her, but soon after she decided she wanted to dye it purple. Purple is her favorite color but she made it clear she didn’t want it to be bright or dark purple, but like a light, dusty color. I showed her some pictures of lavender dye jobs and her eyes lit up, that was exactly what she wanted. I made sure she knew that it would involve bleaching and dyeing and then going back to her natural dirty blonde color before school started, and she was totally game.

Claire wasn’t the only one that took a trip to the salon. Julia also got her very first hair cut in July. Her hair is a tangle of curls, and while I love, love, love it, it’s a hassle to care for that much when she still needs to be wrangled. We got about six inches cut off her hair and she behaved so well. She stayed completely still for the hairdresser, reminded me so much of Claire’s first hair cut, on the right. Admittedly Claire had a lot less hair than Julia, but Claire was also about a year younger. I would say I miss that mess of beautiful, brown curls, but they’re already an inch longer so not really. This girl has some crazy hair and I already know the long road she has to go to try to tame it.

July was another super fun month! Our summer break has been so much fun, kind of the reason I’m getting this up so late in August. But school starts soon and with that another year of educational adventures. We’ll live it up during summer as much as we can.

What did you do in July?

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