By now many people have discovered you can control Pokemon Go Eevee evolution. It’s as simple as naming your Eevee before evolving and no it does not involve their moveset despite claims circulating on social media. I’ve so far evolved six Eevees, one of them randomly that became a Vaporeon and five others by renaming them and successfully evolving two Jolteons, Flareons, and another Vaporeon. After the first round I decided to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and spent some time at my local park to catch dozens more Eevees to test all three evolutions.

It’s very simple: click the grey pencil next to their name, which is their species, Eevee, by default. Type in the names below to correspond with the evolution you want, making sure to adhere to capitalization and spelling. It’s also suggested that because of server issues you name your Eevee and then restart the app before evolving to make sure the name takes.

Rainer for Vaporeon
Sparky for Jolteon
Pyro for Flareon

So why do these names allow you to determine what would normally be a random evolution? Well it actually goes back to the Pokemon anime. Season one episode forty to be exact, which you can watch on Youtube. In this episode Ash and the gang come across an abandoned Eevee which leads them to Stone Town to learn about evolution stones and specifically how they can be used with Eevees. There are three brothers in Stone Town that are Eevee trainers, Rainer has a Vaporeon and Sparky has a Jolteon and Pyro has a Flareon. They’re kind of not cool because they keep trying to pressure their little brother Mikey into evolving his Eevee but he doesn’t want to battle he just wants to keep his adorable little friend, and who can blame him? Besides, his older brothers already took all of the evolutions and corresponding names. Mikey ends up being able to prove to his older brothers that his Eevee can be strong even without evolving by fighting off Team Rocket and all is well.

Some people have been referring to this as a hack or a cheat but it’s not either of those things. I think it’s more of an Easter egg, like the names are evolution stones. I’m just hoping we’ll get more Eeveelutions in Pokemon Go soon, especially Sylveon. So pretty, so fierce.

As you can see my Eevee’s move was Body Slam, which according to the moveset theory should mean it evolves into a Vaporeon. Which it may have if I had allowed it to randomly evolve, but when I did randomly evolved and got a Vaporeon its moveset had included Dig so it should have been a Flareon. Either way, I named this Eevee Sparky before evolving aaaaaaaand, yes, I got a Jolteon. Again, this worked for me again for Flareon and then yet again for all three from all new Eevees.

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  • Danielle Knapp

    This trick worked for me :)

    • Glad to hear it! I only know of one person it doesn’t work for so I’m not sure what’s up there. But in a Facebook group I’ve seen it work for everyone else from Australia to Canada and all in between.