Netflix is reviving Gilmore Girls for four more, 90-minute movie/episode things and everyone is coming back and now we know it will be here before the end of 2016 and everything is perfect!

The trailer brings us back to idyllic Stars Hollow and also Lorelai Gilmore’s handle on pop culture with references to Amy Schumer, corpse flowers, and John Oliver. Rory Gilmore is still her mother’s best friend and voice of reason when she has to remind her mother she cannot be Amy Schumer’s best friend because of Schumer’s Instragram official love of watersports. Though Amy claims that’s just the social media version.

What We Know

These four episode/movie things will span a year and cover each season. Matriarch Emily Gilmore will be as fierce as ever, but I’m sure Edward Herrmann’s presence will be missed greatly as Richard Gilmore.

Luke and Lorelai are a thing??? YAAASSSSSS.

It looks like Friday Night Dinners might also still be a thing. Also Kelly Bishop is just eternal.

Yep, Lorelai and Rory are still totally #SquadGoals.

Netflix revealed that Rory is a teacher. Could that be Chilton?

Stars Hollow is clearly as eccentric and wonderful as ever, also Patty and Babette are back!

Oh yes, Town Hall Meetings! This one clearly has Lorelai and Luke a bit riled, but that’s pretty par for the course.

I remember watching Gilmore Girls on the WB way back when and I am so, so, so excited for this revival! It already feels like when you don’t get to see your best friend for a really long time and then you’re together and it’s like no time has passed at all. There’s no awkwardness or warming up, it all just gets picked right up and everything is great.

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