Geek Girls x Bloggers, the raddest Facebook group around for blogger ladies of the geeky persuasion, hosted another fun and awesome swap, and I was actually able to catch it this time! Several of us got together and swapped some super cool Funko Pop!s. The gist was to compile a list of your five most desired Pop!s and send them on to the person with whom you were matched. That person chose a Pop! off of your list and sent it to you. A great way to be surprised but not end up with a duplicate or Pop! in which you may not have interest.

My swapsie-twinsie was Mandy from The True Ultimate Fangirl Officially. She’s a super awesome chick with a hardcore love for Supernatural, so of course I relate to her on a basically spiritual level. I had put Tina Belcher, Luna Lovegood, Lone Wanderer (Female), Loki Laufeyson (with helmet), and Lady Sylvanas on my list because they’re all super awesome and I’d love to have any of them.

I received Luna Lovegood! Which is awesome. I was so happy when I got her. Hermione has been on a shelf with Harry and Ron and Snape for months, it’s nice to finally have Luna to keep her company.

Check out some other awesome bloggers that participated in the swap!

Mandy @ The True Ultimate Fangirl Officially
Kayla @ Epicfied
Stacey @ Geeks & Lattes
Andrea @
Ashlee @ Her Geekery
Pepi @ dePepi
Heather @ Prima Geek
Penni @ Penni’s Perceptions
Melissa @ Readerly Geek
Kimi @ Kimi Who

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  • We both got Luna in the swap! That’s pretty fun. She really is an amazing Pop!

    • That is awesome! She’s a great little Pop! and you really can’t have too many Harry Potter characters.

  • I’m so glad you like her!!! :) And I’m so glad you love SPN too!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • I do love her! And I also love SPN, perchance too much.

  • Yay, she’s such a pretty Pop. There’s been so much HP lovin’ in this swap, it’s awesome. :D <3

    • There has been and it’s so awesome. I love all of the Harry Potter Pop!s.

  • Danielle Knapp

    I have this Pop and love her!

    • She is so cool! Have to love the strawberry earrings.