Main Quest Line

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was nice and quiet. We had a cookout by the pool with friends and family and I got lots of lovely gifts and flowers from Andrew and the kids. I was happy to see that Claire (who answered the questions to the left) thinks I am so young and svelte. You don’t even realize how well your kids get to know you. Grey leggings and a pink tee? Yep, basically my after work uniform. Scary movies are my fave, but I think Claire was actually referring to Supernatural here as it’s one of the only “grown up” shows she and my older niece are allowed to watch with my twin and I. Though I don’t know if she’s every actually seen me sweep a floor. That’s why little stick vacuums that work ah-mazing on our hardwood floors were invented.


Logan graduated from preschool and will be going to special education kindergarten next year! He did so well at his little graduation ceremony. I was iffy about it because standing up in front of a group of strangers is not something that comes easily to him. When we walk into a crowded room Logan usually wraps himself around my leg with his face pressed against me while I try to hobble forwards. I was ready to quickly whisk Logan away if necessary, but he spent the entire time up front with his classmates. He didn’t really sing the songs, though he did clap, but he stood in front of a room of parents he didn’t know for nearly fifteen minutes and that is amazing. We’re so proud of how far he’s come since he began intervention four years ago and even since his diagnosis of autism and apraxia of speech two years ago.

Claire’s kindergarten class had an end-of-year celebration. She got flowers and balloons from us and even some Ferrero Rocher chocolates I picked up for her thinking she’d share them but I was wrong. Kids! I can’t believe she’s going to be in first grade next year. She’s already so kind and funny and smart, I love seeing who she’s growing up to be.

Side Quests

Favorite New Products

New (to me) Body Shop Body Butters

I am addicted to The Body Shop’s Vineyard Peach Body Butter. Really all of the Vineyard Peach products. They’re on sale right now1 so I went to stock up2 and I decided to push outside of my comfort zone/habit of fixating on something I know I love and not risking trying anything else. I decided to start with additional body butters, even though I also love Body Shop’s scrubs and lip glosses as well. I have mentioned it before but it’s absolutely true: I’m obsessed with Pink Grapefruit. So of course when I saw they had a Pink Grapefruit Body Butter I had to grab one. Or five, whatever who’s counting? I also picked up the Coconut Body Butter because it reminded me of the beach and that’s fantastic. I like to layer them to get a super awesome summer scent and literally cannot live without them now.

Kate Spade Phone Cases

I love and am truly, truly grateful for my Droid Turbo 2. When Motorola says shatterproof screen they really mean it, and that’s coming from someone that has shattered like half a dozen screens. I decided it was time to stop pushing my luck and actually get a case on my phone, but since the screen had held up to (many) drops and falls for four months I figured I wouldn’t have to settle on an Otterbox3. I was very happy to see that Kate Spade is no longer only offering cases and accessories for iPhone products. I picked up the kate spade new york Wrap Case for DROID Turbo 2 and blue4 kate spade new york Flexible Hardshell Case for DROID Turbo 2. I love them. They fit snugly and they’re so pretty and I know they’ll protect the corners on my phone because even though the screen is shatterproof the falls are still hard on the case itself.

That Family Life

Julia continues to get bigger and bigger. She really enjoys picking out her own clothes lately, which means lots and lots of neon. Totally understandable. Claire tried the cotton candy frap and was rather smitten, but she’s mostly just happy to know that the new mini fraps are back! We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. Only way to beat this southeast Texas heat! I can’t believe how tall Logan is getting, he’s already taller than Claire.

  1. ~$10 a tub? Yes please! 

  2. What if they’re on sale because they’re going away and never coming back? I can’t risk it, might as well get ten tubs. 

  3. Which I always used for extra protection, but that never stopped me from breaking a screen in the rare times my phone wasn’t in the case. 


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