This is a live blog of Game of Thrones seventh episode of the sixth season, “The Broken Man”. I like to wait two days because I know not everyone can watch it the night it comes on, but obviously there are lots of spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen this episode please don’t read any further.

We open on a green valley with a group of people hammering and sawing and building some large structure. There’s a lot of food and happiness, not something seen for common folk in a long time since war broke out through the countryside. We see Ian McShane playing Brother Ray (seems like a combination of Elder Brother and Septon Meribald) which is awesome because McShane has said before in interviews that he will “bring back this beloved character that everyone thinks is dead.”

And then we see lots of dudes carrying tree trunks but there’s one guy carrying one by himself and maybe, maybe could it be omigosh we’re panning up to his face and we see long brown hair AND A SCARRED FACE YES IT IS. THE HOUND IS BACK.

While I was pretty much expecting this, especially since I’m in the the-Grave-Digger-is-totes-the-Hound camp, it’s still so awesome to see Sandor Clegane back.

Now High Sparrow is talking to Margaery Tyrell and I feel an overwhelming urge to kick him in the teeth. He counsels Margaery to sleep with her husband and that desire is not necessary on the part of the wife, only patience. *EXCESSIVE GAGGING* Also totes threatens Onella Tyrell on the DL and Margaery gets the message loud and clear.

So Margaery goes to Tyrell Boss Lady and, with Septa Unella’s ever present grimace casting long shadows, urges her grandmother to go back to High Garden and slips her a piece of paper. I hadn’t expected Margaery’s sudden conversion to be true, especially given her face when High Sparrow mentioned her grandmother, and I’m glad to see I was right. She is of course very good at playing the part, that’s the survival mechanism Margaery has adopted and she plays it very well.

Now we see Jon Snow and Sansa Stark at the Wildling camp, discussing their prospects for taking Winterfell back from the Boltons. Tormund convinces dissenting members that they owe their loyalty to Jon and they need to back him. And then the giant simply says “Snow” and it’s pretty obvious which way things should go because who’s going to argue with the dude that can break you in half? A little disappointed we didn’t even see Brienne this episode #TormundLovesBrienne.

We return to Onella Tyrell as Cersei approaches her to ask her to stay in the city and help her deal with the High Sparrow. Onella reminds Cersei that she brought this on all of them, and Cersei is all like, “Gawsh I know, my bad, but let’s fix it.” And Onella laughs, and laughs, and laughs. Nah, she’s getting out and Cersei should, too. I love both of these women, yes even Cersei, especially Cersei1.

And now we find Jaime and Bronn surveying the piss poor siege the Freys have set up on Riverrun. One of the Freys, who can really tell them apart or really even cares to, advises Brynden Tully, Catelyn’s uncle and the late Hoster’s brother, to turn over the castle or they’ll kill his nephew, Edmure, who’s been in prison since the Red Wedding. Brynden shrugs and moves on, obvs calling the Freys’ bluff. Jaime smacks the Freys around and lets Bronn know he wants to parley with the Blackfish.

NOW THE BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE. We meet young Lyanna Mormont, Lady of Bear Island . She’s the niece of Jeor Mormont, former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and cousin of Jorah Mormont, future statue. She’s smart and fierce and very no-nonsense. Sansa tries to break the ice by reminding her that she was named for Lyanna Stark and suggested she’d grow up to be a great beauty, which Lyanna Mormont quickly swats away with a reminder that her mother was not a great beauty but a fierce warrior that died in service to King Robb. Jon and Sansa end up securing her support after Davos works his wiles, and walk away with a cool 62 fighting men. But hey, when you’re trying to reclaim your home against a crazy bastard (literally) you take what you can get, and 62 fighting Bears is better than none.

Back at Riverrun, Jaime and Brynden Tully treat. The Blackfish immediately asks Jaime if he’s there to make good on his promise to Catelyn, but notes he does not have Arya and Sansa, and suggests he resume his place in the dungeon. Jaime tells Brynden to surrender and spare the lives of his men, the war is over after all, and Riverrun belongs to House Frey now. And Brynden laughs, and laughs, and laughs, and tells him to sit tight and get comfy because they have enough supplies to last for two years. Jaime of course doesn’t want to sit in the mud outside of a castle for two years, and I wonder if Show Jaime is going to be getting closer to being Book Jaime soon. Book Jaime finally realized that he was actually the villain, despite all of the excuses he tells himself, thanks quite a bit to Brienne (Jaimienne is still totally a ship I’m sailing on, you know in case Brimund sinks), and I think it would be interesting to see Show Jaime go through the same withdrawal and self reflection.

Back to 2/3 of the Starks. Lord Glover is not down with going against the Boltons, they just helped him get his castle back from the Iron Born and oh yeah the only reason he lost it was because Robb Stark was a dummy head. Ugh, I totally hated Robb Stark. He did everything wrong and was so stupid. You’re Eddard Stark’s oldest son? What did he do, drop you on your head repeatedly? Whatever, Lord Glover has every right not to want to throw his weight behind more Starks and Sansa and Jon need to understand the mess Robb2 left behind in the North. With a final, “House Stark is dead,” he leaves them in the courtyard.

Yara took Theon to a brothel to encourage him to get back to his old self? I mean he doesn’t have a penis so that seems rather cruel. Really just a way to meet that naked lady quota that seems to go up every episode.

Back at the Stark camp Jon lets them know they can’t stay and they need to march on Winterfell like now. With a measly army? Okay. Sansa sends a letter, betting it’s to a certain obnoxious dude with a pointy goatee and a decently sized army.

Oh good we’re back Sandor Clegan and Brother Ray. Brother Ray is sermonizing about his past sins, which were pretty intense, when three of the Brotherhood Without Banners dudes ride up and inquire about horses, gold, steel, and food. Brother Ray invites them to eat with them and they leave with a parting, “night is dark and full of yeah, yeah, yeah.” The Hound is pissed Brother Ray didn’t do more to stop them, and he replies with, “I’m a fucking Septon.” Noice.

Now we see Arya, she’s buying her way back home to Westeros. She’s standing in front of a bridge looking at the sea and thinking about going home and such I’m sure when an old hag approaches her very sweetly and I have to scream COME ON ARYA YOU LEFT BEHIND ASSASSINS THAT CAN TAKE ANYONE’S FACE YOU SHOULD BE EXPECTING THIS. And yeah it’s Waif who gives her some vicious gut stabs before Arya throws herself from the bridge to escape. Waif assumes she’s dead but she def isn’t. She goes walking down the city street cold and wet and bleeding rather heavily and everyone is just kind of like, “Ew.” Not that she should accept help from anyone because ASSASSINS WITH ANY FACE.

So we’re back with the Hound and he’s having a peaceful moment in the forest when he hears a horse whinny. They don’t have horses. He runs back to the camp and sure enough everyone is dead and Brother Ray was hung. Man, those Bannerless dudes are dicks. But the Hound is pissed and he’s going to give them what they deserve. We end with Sandor picking up an axe so you know next episode he’s going to be kicking some ass.

  1. Show Cersei is much more nuanced than Book Cersei and I greatly appreciate that. 

  2. And Catelyn. I couldn’t stand her either. She started all of this by being a total dick and kidnapping Tyrion. Plus she was mean to Jon for no fault of his own but sure never took issue with her husband who was the one she had believed was actually unfaithful. Sure let’s blame a child but not hold an adult responsible. But I digress. 

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  • Karen

    The current debate my friends and I are having center around the Brothers Without Banners and a certain Lady with heart of stone! While she (like so many people in the Seven Kingdoms) have made their fair share of bad decisions, I would love to see her come to power and ravage the Riverlands. I know there is so much going on, but I want Walder Frey to get his due for being a terrible human being. ;)

    • Walder Frey does need to be taken care of! I would actually like to see Lady Stoneheart and I think things have been progressing that way. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s teased at the very end of this season.

  • GeekyNikkiRVA

    So I’ve been reading online about some theories regarding Arya. I’m definitely worried about her, but I feel like this was all planned. Arya knows better than to be out in public like that. She wouldn’t be making a scene regarding passage to Westeros. There was also one theory saying that wasn’t Arya but Jaquen wearing her face. I’m not too sure about that either. I still think it was Arya but it was all planned. Now all this talk about Brothers Without Banners….I’m definitely looking out for our certain Lady. I’ve been rewatching the show and I have to say season 3 REALLY connects with season 6. There are so many storylines that reconnect here.

    • I do wonder if Lady Stoneheart will be making a come back, especially now that it seems like the Hound is with the Brothers without Banners. I would be totally cool with that if it meant we’d see more of the Hound.